We here at Damn Interesting are seeking out a Lead Editor in order to increase our bandwidth and therefore improve our posting frequency. It's a pay-per-edited-article gig at a rate similar to what one would earn as an independent editor. If you or someone you know might be qualified/interested, please make use use of the application page. It includes an FAQ section, but if you have any questions we have failed to address, feel free to ask.

In addition to the per-article payment, "Lead Editor at DamnInteresting.com" sure would look nice on a résumé.

Lastly, if you personally pronounce "FAQ" as "fack" rather than "F-A-Q", we apologize for the aneurysm you may have suffered when you read "an FAQ" above.

Written by Alan Bellows, posted on 03 December 2013. Alan is the founder/designer/head writer/managing editor of Damn Interesting.
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