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Anyway, due to the fact that I am mostly without someone to tell me and that I never know when one’s about to happen, I was looking into getting a service dog. I am trying to figure out how to work it out and I got to the website and gives a lot of information, however, it doesn’t say anything about if you’re able to have one or not While on meds, or after the 6 month mark where you’re able to drive again but still have no clue if/when you’re gonna have one. Anybody have any answers or websites.. any kind of information that may be helpful to this?

Comment on The Birthday Paradox by October2 Sat, 11 Feb 2017 17:27:26 +0000 Could someone explain how the values in all the columns 2 and 3 were obtained?

Comment on Ten Minutes in Lituya Bay by Curtis Mon, 30 Jan 2017 22:27:23 +0000 Very interesting article. I had heard bits and pieces of this story growing up as my grandparents were fishermen and actually wound up with Mickey and Orville’s house in Idaho Inlet. I spent most of my summers there when I was a kid. Also remember the Swansons from Elfin Cove. What an awesome and horrifying event!

Comment on Another World by nbuku Mon, 30 Jan 2017 17:03:19 +0000 If they don’t count, how do they sell things?

Comment on Remember, Remember the 22nd of November by K80theShade Sun, 29 Jan 2017 13:24:43 +0000 Well, first of all if you watch the full-motion video it’s clear that, “Max” is a hand puppet….like a ventriloquists’ doll.
Second, almost ALL “pirate” radio and television broadcasts are executed by professional broadcast media staff or other employees; first because the knowledge required to accomplish a hack like this is NOT in the public domain, and secondly the cost of even a weak rig which would have to be spliced into the low current side of the transmitter signal amplifier (think of an analogue T.V. tower as a strange-looking speaker: all the same equipment [pre-amp, boosters, rectifiers, capacitors, etc.]exists as in your home theater stereo system, just on a larger scale)would be prohibitively expensive for anyone without the requisite industry connections to acquire it relatively cheaply. Still, it’s only RELATIVELY cheap at around ten grand.
That puts it out of reach for the very VAST majority of people.
I’d say check old broadcast equipment auction records, invoices, etc. to see who bought anything which would be required. Cross-check each sale or auction to see if any of the same names keep popping up.
Two days, max….even in the antediluvian world before Google.
I guarantee you the feds found out who did it before the week was out.
This happened on a Sunday, which means whatever hardware was used to help commandeer the feed was probably placed the previous Friday.
Probably the culprit was someone on the inside, and they were likely found quickly.
Then they might have been offered a deal to dodge criminal charges in exchange for detailing EXACTLY how they did it and promising never to do it again. This could have had the ancillary benefit of total confidentiality; a court proceeding would mean a very public trial, where all the details of what happened and how would be revealed far in advance of a “patch” for the exploit.

Comment on The Seizing of the Pueblo by WIUPgamer Tue, 24 Jan 2017 17:59:03 +0000 So, is anyone serious about getting this grand ole ship back where she belongs?? IN THE USA!
Ex-marine here, getting old but up for one last hurrah. I’m still fit enough to make the enemy die for their country.

Does anyone have info regarding the power plant status of the USS Pueblo at this time?
It would be much easier to sail her out to open water rather then tow.

Would also be in the market for Asian Americans whom cam speak Korean for this mission – preferably people with military experience. Some sailors or merchant mariners familiar with the ships’ machinery would be helpful also. I have been working on plans but have many more questions then answers.

I’m sure our own “wonderful government would not lift a finger to assist and would go so far as to list anyone involved as terrorists. Or criminals at the very least. But last time I checked it was ok to retaliate for actions of piracy on the high seas by retaking stolen property.

Comment on Project Babylon: Gerald Bull’s Downfall by Max Dylans Sun, 22 Jan 2017 17:54:10 +0000 To be quite honest i knew nothing about Dr.Bull or the “supergun” until reading Louise Penny’s “The Nature of the Beast”. I absolutely loved the book, but it made me wonder after reading the authors note at the end if this really could have been a true story. and sure enough most of the information and plot line of the book correctly resembles Dr.Bull’s creation and story. If you were interested in this article i 100% recommend the book.

Comment on Foreign Exchange(s) by LF Fri, 20 Jan 2017 20:26:25 +0000 What exactly did it mean that only US dollars could be converted into gold? Did countries have to peg their currencies to the dollar? Did they have to trade consistently with the US to have a supply of dollars to work with? In general, why was it advantageous for only the US dollar to be convertible into gold?

Also, why exactly was it bad that US gold reserves were going down in the 1970’s and why did Nixon axe the Breton Woods agreement? Did it mean the US’s international influence was declining- if so, wouldn’t Nixon’s actions hurt that influence even more?


Each US dollar had a value of $35 per ounce, and only US dollars could be used to buy gold. All currencies were pegged to the value of the US dollar (global fixed exchange rate). Other countries needed to hold US dollars in order to buy gold for their own central banks and currencies. Pegged exchange rates have their place – as said in the article it ensures the value of a nation’s currency by pegging it to something else which in turn mitigates shocks to the financial system. Advantages include no exchange rate risk or inflation risk on loans made – very handy for massive lenders! This scheme was fine in the beginning but several things occurred which broke down the system.

Firstly, Europe was rebuilding after the war. Their economies were growing at a massive pace which made their national currencies more valuable. With the fixed exchange rates prevailing the European economies should have been able to buy more goods and services from the US over time but were unable to.

Second, each developed economy participating in the Bretton Woods system had to hold a certain amount of gold proportional to their money supply. Growing economies necessitated larger gold holdings. So what we saw in this period were gold outflows from the US to Europe.

Thirdly, with increasing US borrowing due largely to the escalation of the Vietnam War and lower US gold reserves European powers began to doubt the US’s ability to maintain the dollar-gold convertibility scheme. This was most famously noted by De Gaulle in 1965 who converted the whole US dollar holdings of France into gold.

The Bretton Woods system limped along for a few more years when the exchange rates first became a little more generous, then currencies were allowed to trade in a small trading range, but given that the US was wholly unable to convert all the gold holdings of other nations if requested and currencies were starting to converge in value it was recognised that the fundamental problems were too great and Nixon finally ended unconditional convertibility in August 1971. As said in the article the failure of the global financial system contributed in no small way to the inflation epidemic of the seventies with assistance from supply side shocks in oil and other products.

I can guess that the end of Bretton Woods didn’t have any major negative effects on US influence. All major participants knew the system was unsustainable and Nixon formally acknowledged that. The US dollar was still the global reserve currency but currencies were free to float against each other.

Comment on Alicia Jurman by Nick Sun, 15 Jan 2017 14:55:09 +0000 This still needs to be edited. It’s DI, but really confusing!

Comment on The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon by BrotherDaniel Sun, 15 Jan 2017 04:50:46 +0000 I thought I was losing my mind after more than 45 years of this phenomenon occurring.I have multiple forms of this phenomenon and the one that happens the most is for example I could be standing with a friend on a street corner talking about things and a word or sentence comes to mind and I’m speaking this sentence and the one word then I look at this car going by and the word that I’m using in that instant is on the side of the car. I can be talking to somebody and reach down after I’m done and pick up the magazine to read it and just flip it open and it will be saying what I just got done speaking about. I’ve become fearful lately because of its frequency.. One example it happened 12 times in a row in about 5 minutes.
I had a scary thought arise maybe I’m mentally unstable and so I decided to do research and found this chat group all with people having the same phenomenon. I’m very relieved I’m not crazy. Or maybe we’re all crazy. No I’m just kidding but it does seem to have like someone had said in the replies. (That’s three comments in one) it’s a latticework Matrix that knowledge shows up in the timeline close to each other. Life and consciousness are much stranger then we could possibly know. I tried to explain it to a friend I hadn’t seen in many years and because normally I keep these things secret, I don’t want anybody thinking I’m weird. But after explaining it to him he ridiculed me. So I put my mind to work figuring out what is going on and to have the knowledge and understanding come into my mind like any other problem to solve. One of the thoughts that came that seem to have some meat to it was that it’s the prophetic ability. I probably have hundreds of things that I predicted that came true over the last 45 years in detail. It’s like we’re all connected in a matrix of consciousness of a much larger mind. And it is synchronicity and clairvoyant metaphysical and there’s a bleed over from the greater mind especially if one has developed their creativity and their artistic talents. I’m so encouraged reading all of these comments I can let go of the fear of thinking I might have schizophrenia. I hope I hear more from you anyone that wants to discuss more about this phenomenon.