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336 reviews, average rating 4.9/5 stars.

Reviewer Review

Freddy mt

United States

Yup...binge listened to it all. ★★★★★

I binge listened to all of those that are available. Love the varied subject matter as it gives me the opportunity to ponder things I, well, would never consider pondering. Going to their website to see if I can find more than what’s available from Itunes. I’ve never contributed for content before, but, I’m pretty sure this is going to be my first time depending on their content available.

Golden Dog Lover

United States

WOW ★★★★★

My favorite podcast out of the fifty or so I follow. This is the first one I’ve liked enough to donate too, and I’m a pretty tight guy. Haven’t heard a bad one yet.



Really addicting & interesting!! ★★★★★

Please continue this great work!

Spencer Walker-Fooks

United Kingdom

Excellent ★★★★★

I listen to the Damn Interesting podcasts regularly. It is both highly engaging, and highly informative. Recommend listening, my favorite is “The Clockmaker”, which was the first podcast I listened to, resulting in me being an daily podcast listener now, years later.



Diverse readers and writers unified by the common factor of being fascinating ★★★★★

Wierd fragments of history in a dramatic radio package. I am binge listening back through the history of this show. Cannot get enough of laboratory heists, bomb plots, Soviet economic spies, Korean aristocratic intrigue…


United States

Best site ever ★★★★★

I love the site and I’ve read a lot of the articles. This is good for car trips or rainy days. Very good job people. Спасибо!


United States

You shoudl listen to this! ★★★★★

I love this podcast. The absence of advertising is refreshing. The narrators are great with not too many sound effects. the stories are fascinating.


United States

Become a smart person ★★★★★

Do you find yourself in conversations with history buffs referring to historical events that shaped our world today? I do! I usually kinda nod in agreement and pretend I know what’s going on. These podcasts will present so many interesting relevant historical stories for you learn about and ponder in the context of today’s sociopolitical milieu. Highly recommended!


United States

Great show ★★★★★

Consistently amused by the crazy interesting stories.


United States

Excellent ★★★★★

Top notch



good ★★★★★




Tops them all! ★★★★★

Beter than 99pi, sysk, … all of them. I listen to every word and hope not to hit the end.


United Kingdom

Great way to pass the time ★★★★★

Some great stories in here, can be quite factual, which i like but I know many like it to be more dramatised ect ect



Tremendousness ★★★★★

Excellent stuff. Well written and entertaining. Keep it up.


United States

Quality work ★★★★★

Awesome podcast, great subjects, and i’m not normally a fan of sound effects but they use them very well



Makes history interesting! ★★★★★

I thoroughly enjoy this podcast – I have listened to every available episode so far, and wish they were published more frequently!


United States

Love it ★★★★★

This is my favorite podcast, just like the website except you get to listen (duh). great way to make a long car ride feel shorter, keep up the great work!


United States

Yes it is ★★★★★

Great styIRS from the past


United States

Fantastic ★★★★★

Writing and reading worth the while. This is a true ‘modern story telling’ experience. Must-hear of podcast world.



Every show a delight ★★★★★

Varied. Entertaining. Educational. Ear-candy!



So good! ★★★★★

These stories are so engaging. Thanks for sharing them.



Damn Brilliant ★★★★★

Want to be informed about the most intriguing and factual stories on the planet. Obscure relatively unknown tales cherry picked to blow your mind. Damn interesting stories often start one way, and have unexpected outcomes, about people and events, that are brilliantly written by a wonderful team of contributors with the help of Alan Bellows, presents these with high production values. Yes the stories here are more than ‘Damn Interesting’, they are ‘Damn Amazing’. Please listen and help spread the word.

lex flex 333

South Africa

Master creator ★★★★★

One of the best and most interesting podcasts I have heard.


United Kingdom

Lives up to its name ★★★★★

Been intending to leave a review for years, never got round to it (I don’t download it via iTunes and don’t fire up iTunes very often so as to leave reviews). But feel I ought to, because I like this one a lot. Firstly, it has yet to tell me a story I already knew (and I’ve read a fair amount of history trivia!) – these have all been fresh to me. Secondly I really like the presenters’ voices/accents/enunciation (a lot of podcasts have voices that put me off for one reason or another even when the content is good). Thirdly the stories are well-told and nicely-structured. And finally they are indeed, damn interesting.



Can't wait for more content ★★★★★

Ever since I heard the history of Colonel Sanders I have been wanting more. I have also wanted to try his original recipe for gravy too! Great podcast, great content, keep up the good work!



A hidden gem ★★★★★

I happened upon Episode 41: Ghoulish Acts & Dastardly Deeds by accident and I could not stop listening. What an amazing storyteller, and extremely becoming sound design to perfect it! I was so immersed, I could not believe a whole hour had gone by. Will definitely be tuning in for more.


United States

Wow! ★★★★★

Where has this podcast been hiding? It’s for anyone who likes history or true story podcasts. The creators do a great job mixing compelling stories with sound effects & music that truly bring the events to life.


New Zealand

Can't get enough! ★★★★★

Just like the title, dam Interesting.

pro the hero

United Kingdom

Excellent content ★★★★★

Excellent content and stories for easy listening on the go.

astar null

United States

Good stuff ★★★★★

Makes the news and history come alive


United Kingdom

Just as described ★★★★★

This podcast (and website) never fail to entertain me (I actually tried to test that by reading ones which didn’t sound that interesting – no dice) always thoughtful in their presentation and with references available. A personal favorite of mine

chrysalis dreaming


The best podcast on the internet ★★★★★

Fascinating stories, great sound design, all delivered with a sense of humour. I LOVE this podcast.


United States

A solidly entertaining podcast ★★★★★

A solidly entertaining podcast


United States

The Best, Most Fun History-Cast ★★★★★

As stand-alone to history as Lore is to creepy-stuff, as Here Be Monsters is to social surrealism, as Minds Of Madness is to true crime, as Unfictional is to short documentary.

In other words, an essential subscription.



Well written, well read. ★★★★★

Your reading the comment section.

So……you probably have enough time to listen to at least one, right?

What you gotta lose?



Darned Interesting ★★★★★

Lives up to its title. Nicely narrated, always interesting. I am quite a trivia nerd and yet I have never heard the stories these guys dig up.


United States

Great Listen ★★★★★

Really enjoy this podcast. Easy to listen and intersting stories.


United States

Seriously entertaining!!!! ★★★★★

Love this podcast. I love these things I just wish there were more


United States

The most aptly named podcast around ★★★★★

I’ve been reading DI for a while now but since they started doing podcasts, I enjoy it even more. The subjects and writing are top notch. I consider the production to be “high end amateur” but overall impressive because while there are multiple contributing writers and narrators, some episodes are written, narrated, produced, and have music and sound effects done by one guy. Highly recommended!


United States

Great show ★★★★★

Love the show. Great information on historical events and people that need to be told.


United States

Best podcast out there ★★★★★

Really interesting stuff to just listen to on a drive or whatever.



Fantastic ★★★★★

An awesome, interesting podcast on all kinds of historical stuff you didn’t even know you cared about!!!



Great Info well produced ★★★★★

Love this podcast, it is well reserched and had facinating topics… must listen.

Gdguijanbev zkoan

United Kingdom

How else can I describe this other than... ★★★★★

Damn interesting. I haven’t come across a single episode that I haven’t loved. I listen to these during my lunch breaks whilst wondering around a business park and I lose myself in the fantastic writing. There isn’t a single person I wouldn’t recommend Damn interesting to.



Simply damn interesting ★★★★★

The greatest podcast for an interesting glimpse into the past


United States

My favorite podcast ★★★★★

They have no advertisers and are purely amazing content. I love these guys!


United States

A Great Podcast ★★★★★

Damon interesting provides high quality, well-written, interesting content in a story format. It’s a fascinating way to explore some lesser known exciting parts history. The recordings are always produced meticulously and include sound effects and music. Highly recommended.

Harshvardhan Mirajkar


Damn! ★★★★★

I have been following your website for a little over a couple of years and just started with the podcasts. The podcast production quality is superb and they really add another dimension to the written word. My only concern is that at times I am not able to relate to the stories because most of them are from the Western world. As you grow, I hope you attain a more global outlook and mine out stories from around the world, while keeping the niche intact, which makes damninteresting what it is!
Best of luck!


United States

Great Podcast! ★★★★★

Extremely interesting and informative, and told with fantastic narration and music!



M.D.N ★★★★★

Pretty damn interesting


United States

Stop Everything and grab your Headphones! ★★★★★

My god, I listen to allot of podcasts adn this is my 2nd favorite! I forward this to everyone. Anyone who has ridden in my car has listened to a few episodes. The information is 5 star, the methodology in which they lay out the story is unmatched in podcasting.
Another thing that I can say about this podcast that is unique is that I’ve listened to every episode more than once.

Stunt driver 84


Damn entertaining! ★★★★★

I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is by far my favourite, very well produced and narrated. Can’t wait for new episodes, get on board!


United States

Haven’t been disappointed yet. ★★★★★

This podcast has sent me down so many rabbit holes. I usually end up looking up more info to learn more about a recent episode.

Spencer Walker-Fooks

United Kingdom

Excellent ★★★★★

I listen to the Damn Interesting podcasts regularly. It is both highly engaging, and highly informative. Recommend listening, my favorite is “The Clockmaker”.



High Quality Straight forward podcast ★★★★★

High Quality Straight forward podcast.


United Kingdom

Excellent podcast ★★★★★

Fantastic choice of subjects, with great narration and production!


United States

Favorite podcast ★★★★★

Love this!



Love it! ★★★★★

Serves up a wide range of topics, always well researched and told in a fascinating way with great production.


United States

excellent and original ★★★★★

This is a fantastic podcast!
Instead of making the usual choices on focusing on a narrow topic and creating on a regular schedule podcasts all of the same lenght, the producers took the original route of presenting interesting material on whathever historical subject, making it available when they have it and making the episode of the lenght best suited for the material.
This has resulted in a varied and consistently very entertaining podcast!!
Added kudos for focusing on the content: no silly chatting between multiple presenters, and even (surprisingly) no ads


United States

Awesome Podcast!!! ★★★★★

Keep up the great work. This is one of the few podcast I can get the whole family to listen to.


United States

Well done ★★★★★

Always interesting. Always well produced. Low in quantity but high in quality.


United States

If you love, Mike Duncan, Dan Carlin, etc... you'll love this podcast ★★★★★

This podcast is one of the undiscovered gem of the itunes. Alan Bellows finds incredibly interesting stories and retells them with style and grace. I would suggest anyone who likes the genre will love this podcast.


United States

Don't change a thing. ★★★★★

Honest old school style stands out among the overcompensation of the insecure. Beautifully simple with a perfect touch of whimsy.

Don’t change a thing.

One of the Bobs

United States

Excellent writing ★★★★★

Listened to every episode on the iTunes store. Enjoyed them all.

Peace Frog 66

United States

Adventure Listening ★★★★★

Fun radio – A Real Show!
These guys will blow your socks off !!!
They find lost historical nuggets and turn them into
Golden adventure listening !!!
Thanks !!!!

Douglas Firs


Damn interesting indeed ★★★★★

I enjoyed the episode about the Baroque composer. Who’s a genius? 😂


United States

Amazing podcast ★★★★★

Well written, well researched, excellent narration, cool use of sound effects. A+++++ podcast. Would listen again


United States

Fantastic storytelling ★★★★★

This is the kind of storytelling that should be sipped and really savored. I make the mistake of gulping it, several episodes at a time. The stories are incredible. Fascinating connections are made. The audio production is delightful with headphones. This is one of the podcasts I tell people to try when getting into podcasts. They really put a lot of effort into producing these.



Fantastic ★★★★★

This Podcast is amazing. Not only is it well written and well produced, I find myself telling people the amazing stories and reseaching the events myself afterwards. Amazing stuff

really trying to be a fan

United States

True to the title, and NO ADS EVER ★★★★★

The series is wonderful. Interesting-yes, and well written and narrated also. I actually contribute to the show because they have promised they will never play ads–thos get annoying to me. They don’t even ask for donations!


United States

Just awesome! ★★★★★

John Bellows is a master storyteller, and his format, with its immersive soundscapes and his own dulcet, erudite tone, make this an absolute pleasure to listen to.



Title is accurate ★★★★★

Perpetually interesting and well-produced. It’s always a good day when a new episode appears in my feed.


United States

Bravo friends ★★★★★

This podcast nails it. Timely, meaningful, simple, and effectively delivered content with the personal touch of our faithful host(s) as the cherry on top. Bravo!


United States

Perfectly named podcast ★★★★★

The name says it all. This is like returning to all the most interesting lectures I had in college. Thanks for making me smarter!



Diverse, and damn interesting ★★★★★

Never ceases to entertain and educate… one of my favourite.


United Kingdom

One of my favourite Podcasts ★★★★★

New episodes are eagerly awaited by me and as the title of the podcasts suggests, they’re always damn interesting. Diverse topics, well researched and put together in a really informative way. These are great.



Gripping & brilliantly researched podcast ★★★★★

Extremely erudite announcers present beautifully scripted, deeply researched features that are as riveting as they are enlightening. Love this series!



Worth subscribing! So good. ★★★★★

Excellent, engaging podcast. Really interesting topics. Thanks for making great content!

Cubes of colour


Best show in my feed ★★★★★

Love this show and am always thrilled to see it pop into my feed. It’s well thought out sounds gorgeous and is in fact damn interesting


United States

Love it ★★★★★

Start listening now.


United States

One of my favorites ★★★★★

Always great, interesting (duh), and obscure content

Walter Paisley

United States

Lives up to its title ★★★★★

Great podcast. The show has no set schedule or pre-determined length for the episodes, which means they don’t have any “filler” episodes. The stories are presented in a very entertaining way and with excellent historical context. I rarely listen to any podcasts more than once, but I save all these and sometimes revisit them. Their website pre-dates the podcast and there are terrific stories there too. Highly recommended to everyone.



Great Podcast ★★★★★

One of the best podcasts I have stumbled across. On par with Stuff You Should Know… it really is Damn Interesting. Keep it up 5/5



Damn Interesting, damn right! ★★★★★

When I go to my podcasts I always check to see if there is a new episode from “Damn Interesting”. The stories are always interesting(!), and usually off the beaten path so it is rare that it is a topic I have knowledge of, they are well produced and narrated and always leave me yearning for more. Enjoy!

Will Burrows


Long time reader, avid listener from Paris ★★★★★

If there was an award ceremony which gave prizes to the websites with the most interesting content, would certainly be amongst the top contenders. I started reading articles on there in 2007, if I recall correctly, and I’ve been going back ever since. The fairly “recent” addition of podcast articles is a great feature. Whether it be long or short-form articles, it’s a good companion for your daily commuting, or simply for a quiet loungeing time in your reclining seat. Even if you don’t have a reclining seat, you’ll enjoy listening to audio articles written with love by human beings who like us, love quirky facts and unusual stories about people, places, events, social and scientific experiments and so on. The subjects are diverse. Plus it’s quality audio / narration, they’ve put some work into it. These podcasts are definately worth a try! Cheers Monsieur Bellows.


United Kingdom

Indeed damn interesting ★★★★★

Very well put together podcast, with good writing, narration and accompanying background music. Thank you team, and please continue.

Nigel Edwards

United Kingdom

Excellent, intriguing and well told stories ★★★★★

The format is a lecture with a generally light tone and usually is damn interesting

To be recommended

D R Martin

United States

Fantastic Production ★★★★★

This podcast is engaging, entertaining, and informative. The website is well worth visiting, too.



Title says it all ★★★★★

Every episode lives up to the bold claim of this podcast. Listening has helped to expand my worldly knowledge and to start an interesting conversation or two.



Fascinating stories ★★★★★

Thanks for producing such a interesting series of podcasts. Keep up the good work.



Best podcast ever ★★★★★

Without a doubt, the most well produced and interesting podcast out there. I literally can’t wait until the next episode comes out. Highly recommend to anyone, just try to make sure you can listen to the whole thing uninterrupted 👍

Message Guy


Damn Interesting ★★★★★

This is a great, cruisey podcast for getting an interesting story about something in science or history, that is really well put together.


United States

Enjoyable truthtelling ★★★★★

I always enjoy listening to these. Truth is stranger than fiction, indeed! Plus I like the calmer pace of the different readers.


United States

Excellent listen ★★★★★

I wish this podcast came out more frequently. Really engaging listen and always interesting. Excellent for commute since there usually not terribly long and you’ll be so absorbed that you won’t notice traffic.

Oleg Novikov


One of the best podcasts on the internet ★★★★★

I’m following this show for a number of years. This is a hidden gem, that deserves much more attention.


United Kingdom

Informative ★★★★★

As it says on the tin, “Dam interesting”.


United States

Really the best ★★★★★

Super interesting. I listen to a ton of podcasts and this one is my all-time fave.


United States

Factual, compelling, superbly narrated ★★★★★

A highlight of my commute. I’ve come to look forward to getting on with my drive so that I can listen uninterrupted to my damninteresting podcasts. The podcasts are factual and well-researched, written with engaging narratives, and with very few exceptions superbly narrated. I love the sound effects, which help create an immersive experience much more typical of movies than podcasts. Unique in that you learn something while listening to awesome stories you probably didn’t imagine were real.


United States

Original, well thought out, fantastic! ★★★★★

Alan and his crew have put together a unique, at times very funny, serious, clever, witty, and always truthful way of looking at unique facts and history. A fun ride, mesmerizing.

toad of towed haul


what's in a name ★★★★★

-small spoiler alert- every episode ends with the statement “this is Damn Interesting”

To which I usually reply “It certainly was”

Gary the beekeeper


Very highly recommended ★★★★★

Always interesting and well produced podcasts that are excellent! Check this out, and thank you for the good work Damn Interesting!



The Best ★★★★★

This podcast is the only one I have ever given money to. Damn Interesting is the best produced podcast I’ve heard. It’s insightfull and intelligent. I wish we could have a new episode at least weekly. Keep ’em coming guys.

John C Rhem

United States

Solid work, good production quality ★★★★★

Relatively succinct and interesting episodes


United States

Bet you can't listen to just one. ★★★★★

Great and interesting topics which I’ve haven’t come across anywhere else. Narration and music score are well thought out, with good timeline structure, which makes this podcast one of the best of all time. Just take a peak and you’ll be hooked.


United States

Great ★★★★★

One of the best podcasts out there. The sound design is particularly great and the writing is certainly better edited than most.

MIT gyros

United Kingdom

Damn Interesting ★★★★★

Infrequent releases are always a welcome surprise on my podcast feed as the authors and narrators cover topics off the beaten track and always make you digging through the internet for more details. Plus the subjects are always…. damn interesting!


South Africa


Please produce more! This podcast is great. The content is alway original and interesting!


United Kingdom

Awesome - more please!! ★★★★★

Awesome – more please!!



The best ★★★★★

Damn interesting is my favourite podcast and is the most interesting podcast on the internet. Great content you’ve probably never heard of before. Don’t hesitate to download this podcast.


United States

Awesome ★★★★★

I have recommended this podcast to many people. Amazing historical stories, well told.

Johnny Canuck and the Quantum Cowboys


Thoughtful ★★★★★

Thoughtful and interesting ‘cast about events and people lost to history. The presentation is first rate. The only issue is that the narrators sometimes hilariously mispronounce words.

Katey F

United States

Consistently interesting ★★★★★

Very good, highly recommend!



Mr ★★★★★

I find the content of this podcast always thought provoking and, after having finished listening to the episode, I can guarantee that I will always spend hours on the internet searching more information on the topic discussed as it is so different, unique and damn interesting.


United States

Great Podcast ★★★★★

This is a great story driven podcast about history.


United States

Really love it ★★★★★

The title couldn’t be more accurate! Many different historical topics.. lots you can talk about at cocktail parties ;)just kidding. Go ahead and listen, expand your mind

୧ʕ•̀ᴥ•́ʔ୨ d r o p b e a r


Amazing podcast. ★★★★★

Extremely well produced. A pleasure to listen to. Highly recommended.

CT Hall

United States

Awesome podcast! ★★★★★

One of my favorite podcasts. I always make sure to listen to the new episodes right when they come out.


United States

Perfect title - intriguing excerpts of history ★★★★★

A fine collection of short reviews on events in history; often addressing the little known aspect of “why it is” as we know it today. The narrator has a cadence for such stories; not meant to be a audiobook drama. Perfect for inspiring young minds and adults alike.



Damn Interesting. ★★★★★

Want to be informed about the most intriguing and factual stories on the planet. Obscure relatively unknown tales cherry picked to blow your mind. Damn interesting stories often start one way, and have unexpected outcomes, about people and events, that are brilliantly written by a wonderful team of contributors with the help of Alan Bellows, presents these with high production values. Yes the stories here are more than ‘Damn Interesting’, they are ‘Damn Amazing’. Please listen and help spread the word.



Damn interesting! ★★★★★

Nice spread of topics, always worth while!

Cool Doode


Damn Brilliant ★★★★★

I absolutely love Damn Interesting. I know it takes so much work for Alan and his team to craft each and every episode, but I so wish they came out daily. Hell, if we’re shooting for the moon, why don’t they come out hourly!


United States

Makes me feel smart and stupid ★★★★★

These stories are so well rounded and facinating. These guys are so smart I feel stupid but I also feel smart for listening so I’m not mad about it!


United States

One of my faves! ★★★★★

If you’re into fascinating stories from recent history, check this one out!



Consistently engaging ★★★★★

DamnInteresting is a fantastic way to learn new ephemera, gain unguessed-at knowledge and fill a useless journey with something fulfilling. Top end.


United States

Phenomenal ★★★★★

Easily the highest-quality podcast I have found. The website’s concept and execution is already amazing but this podcast brings it to another level.


United States

Fascinating content ★★★★★

Love this podcast. The content is unique and the delivery nuanced and not gimmicky.

S. C. M.

United Kingdom

Damn Interesting ★★★★★

This is a brilliant podcast, every episode is riveting, eye opening, and you notice yourself stopping everything that you are doing to see where the story will take you. The podcast is full of characters you would have wished to meet, lives you are happy to have known about, and fantastic events that leave the mind to wonder. The narrators are paced and professional and a pleasure to listen to.


United Kingdom

Always damn interesting ★★★★★

Just as the podcast name suggests: Damn interesting. Deep dives into an oddball collection of topics that never fail to entertain, fascinate, and inform.



Lives up to its name ★★★★★

Excellent, engaging content.

Jerry Falkiner


5 stars all the way! ★★★★★

Great podcasts and great website!



This is great! ★★★★★

A window into aspects of the world not normally seen. The narration is easy to listen to and of professional quality..


United Kingdom

Spot on! ★★★★★

One of the very best ‘driving’ podcasts you could want for, interesting, informative collection of useless but facinating material, clear, well delivered and thoroughly enjoyable, even the Yank accents are sufferable!



Excellent! ★★★★★

Well produced, well-researched, well-written, and well, damned interesting! Highly recommended.


United Kingdom

Might be interesting ★★★★★

But I just can’t listen to that voice. Like listening to the safety announcement on a plane.


United Kingdom

Varied and fascinating ★★★★★

Gripping stories of heroism and downright oddity.



An oasis of interest in a sea of dull ★★★★★

When it comes to a commute that is so repetitive you no longer do it on anything but autopilot… Damn Interesting provides an oasis of something different.
Listen to something you’d never know, stories from history and pockets of times you’ve never thought about. Thank you Damn Interesting. Keep up the good work.


United States

My rating going down ★★★★

The show seems to have longer and longer times between episodes. This is a great podcast, but I need more. The narration, delivery, and content is excellent, just not enough of it. Get the theme here.



Awesome ★★★★★

Absolutely love this podcast, Great delivery, well researched and no inane babble.
This is my new favourite podcast.


United Kingdom

Damn interesting! ★★★★★

Very well written and presented to say the least. Events are described in just right detail to keep you interested till the end. The efforts, hard work and time put into making every single podcast is clearly visible. Thank you Damn Interesting team for making me day more interesting.



Great for road trips ★★★★★

My wife discovered this on a long road trip and it’s been our go-to since. Helps chew up the time as we move along.

Yogurt 69

New Zealand

Amazing website and now podcast ★★★★★

This podcast has some of the most amazing true stories I have ever heard. Great time filler and you learn some great stories and facts you can bore your friends with later. two of my favourites are the Mr Sanders origins and the metal box in the casino. love your work and keep them coming


United States

Love it ★★★★★

I have been listening to this podcast for over a year and have found every episode incredibly fascinating. I need to contribute to their website and get the full audio books.

Alan, if you’re reading this, the only thing that could make them better is improved “harsh tone” audio controls to keep the s’s p’s and t’s from popping on the audio recordings.


United Kingdom

Always fascinating ★★★★★

Full of unexpected and eclectic subjects. It’ always a pleasure when the podcast pops up in my feed. Congratulations to all involved


United States

Love the stories ★★★★

But really wish they would stick with one narrator, preferably Alan Bellows because he tells the stories in the most engaging way and has the best voice for ‘radio’. I find myself wanting to skip the stories narrated by other people and just listen to the ones by Mr. Bellows. Other than that, love the podcast.


United States

Good stuff ★★★★★

Interesting stories

Quiz monsterman

United States

Great Podcast ★★★★★

A great podcast to fill you with random pieces of very interesting knowledge.



Great stuff. ★★★★★

Really well written and researched stories presented in an entertaining way. The website has a lot more stories that I wish they would turn into podcasts.


United States

All of them ★★★★★

This is one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. The stories are interesting and seamlessly provide the necessary background and context. The narration is excellent as are the audio effects. If you’re not listening, you are missing out.


United States

Exactly what the title claims. ★★★★★

Listened to every single episode over a few days and am thrilled whenever I’m surprised with a new episode!


United Kingdom

Tenzin ★★★★★

Title says it all really. Interesting content with nice sounds. What more could you want from a podcast?



Excellent content and atmosphere ★★★★★

Damn Interesting always has excellent content and the narration and effects make it all the better. Highly recommend!


United States

Very entertaining ★★★★★

Like the name says it is very entertaining and interesting. With the music, sound effects and narrating. It makes it easy and fun to listen to. And I cannot wait for more.


United States

The highest quality material ★★★★★

This is by far one of the best podcasts that exist. Each and every podcast is interesting and new in its own way. I cannot recommend it enough!



Great story show about real life ★★★★★

This is a story show that has each story come from a piece of research around a little known topic or a little known aspect of a widely known topic.

The story is told like a radio drama with appropriately dramatic narration and sound effects. You are not going to learn much useful stuff here: This is mostly entertainment. They are a whole lot of “nice to know” stories.

This doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s really polished and really entertaining. The fact that what you are hearing comes from actual events is just an added bonus.


United States

Loads of Audible Pleasure ★★★★★

This podcast is simply amazing. I love every episode even if I’m not interested in the subject. The sound design, narration, and writing is excellent. I’ve never regretted the time I spent listing to any of the episodes, which is not always true for other podcasts. Only wish there was a new one every day.

Mama Janhoyman

United States

Glad to have found this pod ★★★★★

I am so glad my sister recommended this pod cast, and I am glad there is 10 years of episodes to listen to. I look forward to many hours of “interesting ” stories.

interested party ny

United States

Mr. ★★★★★

Great podcast. Interesting and uniquely presnted. Look forward to hearing them on public radio. Keep up the great work!


United States

Review ★★★★★

A wonderful podcast


United Kingdom

Fab podcast! ★★★★★

I’ve listened to about 8 podcasts and they are all fascinating! I often find myself thinking, “how come I’ve never heard about this before?!” I would definately recommend.


United States

Inevitably Fascinating ★★★★★

Even when the title of a show doesn’t sound all that appealing, the show grabs the listener’s attention. Not only exceptionally well-done, but also one of the few podcasts where the writers have learned to fit their show perfectly into their chosen length. Never too short, never too long. That is difficult to master.

Mystery school clothing

United States

One of my favorites ★★★★★

I love this podcast!!


United States

Addictive ★★★★★

Can’t get enough. Wish there where more episodes.


United States

A great pod cast to drive to ★★★★★

This podcast is amazing!


United States

Love it! ★★★★★

I can’t wait to see how each podcast ends and then am so sad when it finally does. Thank you, Mr. Bellows. I feel smarter already.


United States

The name is perfect for this ★★★★★

The topic ranges are varied and interesting. I am not sure how they did it but the effort to reach absolute zero was riveting and I couldn’t turn it off. I enjoy that the episodes also tend to be shorter than other regular episodes (less than 30 minutes).


United States

Herm, podcast addiction runs deep with this one ★★★★★

Amazing unique stories that grab your attention from the get go.




Lives up to its name ★★★★★

Good show that is very different every episode.


United States

One of my favorites ★★★★★

The music, the sound effects (especially these), and the narration are top notch. The episodes are so engaging, though, you get lost in the story and all those elements are seamless. I like the story choice, too. I learn something every time.



Fantastic! ★★★★★

If you need someone else to explain how mind-blowing history is… This may not be for you. But if you want to hear how ancient Japanese monks turned themselves into mummies, or how a clockmaker almost killed Hitler, or even how a peasant woman tricked some of the most renowned medical men of her day into believing she gave birth to rabbits – have a listen.


United States

This is the reason I got into podcasts ★★★★★

For as long as podcasts have been around I have never been interested. Until I stumbled on the “White death” story. I’m hooked now this stuff is awesome, and dam interesting !



Superb ★★★★★

More consistent for me in interestingness than “this american life”. I cannot believe it took me so long to hear about this podcast… I love the content and delivery, DI team, keep up the great work.


United States

Highly recommended! ★★★★★

Super interesting, obscure stories and very thorough treatment of them. Usually I look up stuff on Wikipedia if I want to learn more about it, but in this case, the podcasts give much more information!

I liked this podcast so much that I looked it up online so I could figure out how to donate to it, since it doesn’t have ads. I’m also recommending it to all my friends.


United States

Best story based podcast available ★★★★★

This is one of the best Podcasts I’ve ever stumbled upon. There’s 27 episodes and every single one of them are intriguing and delightful to listen to. The use of sound effects and narration transport you to these historical events and odd tails. Robbing a casino, defusing bombs, to escaping East Germany. If you like a good story this podcast is worth listening to. I hope to see more episodes soon as these casts are a bit dated.


United States

Great podcast ★★★★★

Interesting content, professionally executed, engaging sound effects. Great all around, highly recommended.


United States

Love this podcast! ★★★★★

Despite only having a small catalog of episodes, this has become one of my favorite podcasts, sharing the same realm IMHO as 99% Invisible and Radiolab. Highly recommended!


United States

Addicting ★★★★★

I’m running through these. Random, interesting stories. Makes my commute much easier. Thanks!!!



Love this podcast ★★★★★

I have been listening to this podcast for a few years and I love it. They have a great way of finding untold stories of history and retelling them in a way that makes you feel like you were there.


General Damage


Damn good ★★★★★

one of the best podcasts around i reakon… interesting real events but told as a story, great stuff

Dee Kay P

United Kingdom

Great storys ★★★★★

Hi all, my favourite podcast, I love listening to the tales and interesting facts, just want more – please give us more :)


United States

Excellent! ★★★★★

The podcast is entertaining, intelligent, and is very well produced. A gem.

Tree inlet


Damn Intersting Indeed ★★★★★

Great stories and production value – love the site and the podcast. Keep it up!



Damn Interesting ★★★★★

The most interesting and consistently enjoyable podcast I have found. Every time I want to listen to a podcast I refresh to see if there is a new damn interesting. Every time there is I smile as I know I have something I am going to enjoy. Thoroughly recommended


United Kingdom

Not just Quite Interesting... ★★★★★

…this podcast is DAMN interesting and worthy of a stronger word.
Satisfying my insatiable curiosity with random but well presented stories.


United States

Love this podcast ★★★★★

I spend a lot of time in my car due to my job. Any time I see a new episode of this podcast, I can’t wait to hear it. I get so wrapped up in the stories that the time just seems to fly by!



Damn Good ★★★★★

The type of podcast that can get you hooked and quickly listening to the entire back catalogue.




I’m absolutely ecstatic to have found this gem. Every story so far has completely captivated me, start to finish. Can’t recommend this highly enough! Thanks for making these stories with such care and wonderful sound design!!



Educational ★★★★★

The best produced educational podcast on iTunes.



So good ★★★★★

I only recently stumbled on this podcast and have loved the eps I have listened to so far. Totally engaging and engrossing! Recommend.

Not Tom Selleck

United States

A moist-mouthed narrator reading a thesaurus. ★★★★★

The subject matter is mostly intriguing, but the narrator is far too in love with being loquacious. And the worst podcasting sin, there’s way too many moist mouth noises. I just can’t get past that auditory assault.



Highly entertaining ★★★★★

I only discovered Damn Interesting around 6 months ago, and very glad I did. It has high production value, and the topics covered are amazing in their detail, and for the most part, their obscurity. I am fascinated by every new podcast released. I also donated to Damn Interesting, and gladly received their ebook containing plenty more articles to read. I have recommended this podcast to many of my friends and they have all given glowing praise for each episode.



High Quality and DAMN Interesting! ★★★★★

If you’re like me and like to listen to audio content during your daily commute to work, then stop what you’re doing right now and hit the subscribe button. You won’t be sorry.


United States

Lives up to its name ★★★★★

I listen to a lot of podcasts. This is truly one of the best out there. Keep up the good work!



DI ★★★★★

Damn interesting stories. If the podcasts isn’t enough, their website is treasure trove of well written short stories of real events.


South Africa

Mevrou ★★★★★

Please do more! Damn Interesting is the best.


United States

Very good production ★★★★★

Well written true stories with postproduction that makes it engrossing



Easily one of the best podcasts ★★★★★

A great way to spend time



Well worth listening to ★★★★★

Great show, full of interesting stories, and it’s incredibly produced especially against the standards of most podcasts



Fair dinkum ★★★★★

This is a great take on some fascinating stories that have in the main all been new to me. Well I love it.


United States

Theatre of the Mind- great! ★★★★★

A very interesting and well-produced podcast, imho. Alan Bellows does a fantastic job of bringing compelling stories to life with fine writing, narration, thorough research, sound FX, *humor*, pacing, and stereo production. Bra-vo, sir! Please…keep ’em coming!


New Zealand

Fantastic ★★★★★

This is one of my ,most favorite podcasts always interesting



Hot Damn! ★★★★★

I had always heard a lot of great things about Damn Interesting and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Excellent storytelling, interesting topics, and a flare for using sound to create added dimensions makes this podcast one of my favourites. HOWEVER I would recommend new listeners start with whatever episode is the most recent, instead of going back to the very start. I found the very, very early episodes had some issues with the levels and don’t sound the best on some devices (a quirk that is no longer an issue in later episodes)



This show makes me look forward to long drives!! ★★★★★

So I’m usually one of those people who generally don’t write reviews because I’m content (and generally content people aren’t as motivated to review as those who are terribly upset or annoyed), but when I heard that these guys were looking for help on the review side of things… I though – hey, I want this podcast to keep going so I’m giving my support. These guys have done such a great job! I listen to it overtime I jump in the car and I’m always giggling at the weird and wonderful stories they tell. Couldn’t rate it more!



Senior ★★★★★

‘Tis a mystery to me why this great show has not been picked up by the mainstream. It’s eclectic, sometimes quirky, but always – well, check the title.


United States

Fantastic! ★★★★★

Worth a listen!


New Zealand

They keep up their name ★★★★★

Your podcasts are my favourite on the train commute everyday. I learn something everyday. Keep it up !

Keven M


Well... It really is Damn Interesting! ★★★★★

Great podcasts. We love to listen to these on long road trips.


United States

My new favorite ★★★★★

This podcast is unbelievably good. These are well-researched, fascinating stories told in a unique way. Alan Bellowes is masterful: smart, funny, and wise, with a beguiling radio voice. I also love the absolute lack of ads–so much so, I even donated them money! I can’t wait to listen to each and every episode.

Trebor Serano

United States

The first podcast that got me into podcasts ★★★★★

I haven’t missed an episode and often share them with friends and family. Highly recommend.


United States

This podcast needs to be more famous ★★★★★

Great podcast, devoted to telling little known but fascinating stories from history. Bellows keeps your interest and definitely lives up to its name. Every one of these stories could be made into a great movie or tv show. I recommend it for any fans of history, or good story-telling.


United States

Fantastic! ★★★★★

I stumbled upon this podcast when I was searching for an interesting history podcast. There are some podcasts out there (not naming names) that attempt to explain history, but bite off waaay more than they can chew and do a very poor job researching and writing a compelling narrative about the topic. This podcast is far from that! Each episode is well-crafted, which the listener will pick up on immediately. The narrative is well-developed, which creates a very captivating story for the listener. I really enjoy learning about obscure topics I otherwise wouldn’t have known about, and those topics are presented here in a very credible manner. I also thoroughly enjoy the production of each episode, from the music to the sound effects. It is well-mixed and you can tell care went into its production. If you are yearning to hear more about history from someone who has done their research, then this is the podcast for you!

Quite Interested in Australia


Compelling stories flawlessly delivered ★★★★★

The stories are fascinating – the delivery has all the drama of a good crime novel and the music score and effects enhance the experience. And you don’t have to wade through excessive ads or chat before getting into the meat of the story. Well done!



one of the best podcasts ★★★★★

this podcast is amazing. sound quality, music, narration. Very well done


United States

Good topics bad delivery ★★★★★

This guy can successfully make a great topic boring.


United States

Great topic, interestingly told! ★★★★★

I found this because Dave Anthony from the Dollop recommended and it is great!


United States

Great podcast with awesome stories ★★★★★

Great podcast with really great stories! Give it a listen if you want to be entertained


United States

Captivating ★★★★★

DI is wonderful storytelling. Very unique way of unveiling a story. I am gripped each time.

steve the podcast reviewer

United States

Great podcast!!! ★★★★★

These are great podcasts about really interesting topics. I highly recommend you check them out.

Adam G.G.


Top ★★★★★

Excellent stories told excellently


United Kingdom

Amazing! ★★★★★

Please record more! Love this



Mesmerising ★★★★★

Though infrequent, the quality of the production, pace of delivery and nature of the topics makes this one of my favourite podcasts. Informative and entertaining, well worth a listen.



Amazing Stuff ★★★★★

This is a great podcast. Amazing stories presented in a interesting and professional format. I feel smarter every time I listen. Can’t wait for the next episode.


United States

try this! ★★★★★

Great storytelling, and the stories are true. Fascinating bits of history and lives. I look forward to new podcasts, which don’t come often enough.


United States

Love this stuff ★★★★★

Every episode is very well done. The music and sound effects add to the enjoyment. Well written and narrated. Love it!


United States

Great stuff ★★★★★

This podcast really does live up to it’s name. The stories are phenomenal and are told masterfully by Alan Bellows. I’m always excited when I see a new episode popup.


United Kingdom

Wish there were more ★★★★★

Always entertaining, headphones recommended!


United States

Name says it all... ★★★★★

I highly recommend the podcast.



Love it! ★★★★★

Love it. Give us more please please please. Great show. Great stories chosen and researched. Keep it up

Colin Bullock


Another back catalogue for my Ipod! ★★★★★

Transitioned to the podcast from the website. Lots of engaging stories with good production that continues to improve. Looking forward to more.


United States

aptly titled. ★★★★★

it really is. great stories — all true.

Empirical Chef


Compelling and Rewarding ★★★★★

I’ll be truly disappointed when I’ve listened to all of the podcasts in this series, as I’ve squandered them all in two weeks of work commutes. :) The stories are compelling and thought-provoking, and the subject matter avoids well-trodden themes in favour of obscure fodder for intelligent conversation. The vignettes are well-researched, skilfully crafted and admirably delivered against a stark audio backdrop that is only occasionally accompanied by ‘synthed’ suspense. If you enjoy social/behavioral economics, pop-psychology, a dash of self-indulgent technical description and history with a dose of melodrama, then you will love “Damn Interesting”. I hope the authors/producers find the time and inspiration to produce more podcast content as soon as possible.



Lives up to its name ★★★★★

I really enjoy this podcast. I listen to it while swimming, and sometimes I just can’t stop after I finish my swimming session because it is too damn interesting !


United States

Fascinating ★★★★★

I love this podcast! I had never heard of these stories and they are presented in an entertaining manner that keeps my attention.

Scott va

United States

Amazing production values…fascinating subjects ★★★★★

Very minor suggestion…Make the titles a bit for descriptive would help when browsing the library. This series is both informative and truly entertaining. Demonstrates the potential of podcasting.

No history,

United States

Cool show ★★★★★

Love the longer length ones! Keep em coming



Name says it all ★★★★★

Every episode of this podcast is damn interesting. Well written, well presented. I look forward to every new episode.



Brilliant ★★★★★

Dam interesting is well dam interesting. I think of all the episodes the Mole Rat is my favourite, along with the episode on surface tension and not forgetting the episode on absolute zero and 1973 and well you get the picture. Do yourself a favour and subscribe to Dam Interesting


United States

Learning Opportunity ★★★★★

I binge-listened to this pod and have to say it has been educational! The sound effects and complimentary sound track make for an enjoyable listen.


United States

excellent ★★★★★

great companion to (now ended) “today i found out”, but much more in depth. keep up the great work!


United States

Name says it all! ★★★★★

Great podcast, can’t wait for more episodes!



Really interesting ★★★★★

Please keep making these podcasts all the stories are really good and well-written


United States

All in the name ★★★★★

Great production. A real treat to listen to. Nice work guys!


United States

Mr. ★★★★★

This is a very entertaining podcast with very high production value. I do not like podcasts that are just someone prattling on with no background music or sound affects. This combines fascinating stories with a very professional presentation. Well done.

Wheeler dealer

United States

Entertaining AND Educational ★★★★★

I really enjoy this podcast. I know there are other podcasts on historical topics, but this one is different. The narration is combined with other sound effects that really add interest to their stories. They vary in length so even if you only have 10 min. you can learn a little history and be entertained as well.


United States

So good ★★★★★

One of my favorite podcasts. I just wish episodes were more frequent.


United States

Love it ★★★★★

The material is written well and the dramatizations pull me into the story and I forget that it’s a podcast.


United States

love it ★★★★★

The quality of this program cannot be overstated. interesting topics with attention grabbing presentation. Headphones recommended.



Quirky, Smart & Funny ★★★★★

Great stories, well researched and presented in a funny, engaging style. (Love the sarcasm that pops up from time to time as well!) I stumbled across the website almost 10 years ago and was instantly hooked. Now with the podcast I get a chance to revisit some of the classic articles and hear the new ones. Thanks to Alan Bellows and his team for keeping this great project going!



Brilliant. ★★★★★

Excellent podcast. Great topics, well presented with no annoying mid program adverts.

Very good app12345678

United States

Well worth the wait! ★★★★★

I really love this podcast! They are very well produced and fun to listen to! Who doesn’t like a good story!? The narrator is wonderful, they add sound effects and background noises to bring you into the world that they are creating! It’s the same sense as watching a movie, where you get lost in the story! As I’m sure most will agree, we want more episodes more frequently (but it takes a long time to produce these episodes so it’s understandable), but it’s well worth the wait! Excellent story telling:)


United States

Fantastic Podcast ★★★★★

Very interesting and well produced podcast. Has been a great addition to my listening library.


United States

Quite Interesting Indeed ★★★★★

The stories featured on the blog generally translate word for word to the podcast, which coupled with the great production values makes for an interesting “read” akin to a high quality audio-book. Every episode, even those I had heard of, leaves me with some nugget I never knew.


United States

Amazing ★★★★★

I look forward to every new episode. I find the writing and delivery fascinating and only wish they could put out more content. Cant recommend it enough.


United States

Absolutely Fantastic Podcast ★★★★★

This is a thoroughly enjoyable podcast, excellent in all aspects. Each episode is unique and iteresting, and the production quality is unparalleld.


United States

Thoroughly Engaging. ★★★★★

This is a very engaging and richly entertaining Podcast. The topics are quite diverse and the sound, music and production are top-notch. It has just the right mix of irony and humor. I love listening to this Podcast as my bedtime reading. It reminds me of the classic old-time mystery radio broadcasts.


United States

The Title Says It All ★★★★

Interesting presentations on interesting topics that are detailed enough to paint a picture of topics about which most will have little or no previous exposure. The production is quite good, too, far better than the average “talking head” audio podcast. (Neither is it Lost or Madmen.)

The main problem is that there isn’t enough of it! I’d welcome more episodes.


New Zealand

Listen to it ★★★★★

The name says it all, one of the most consistently high quality podcasts out there


United States

Love it! ★★★★★

Listened to every one. Well researched and presented. I want more!

the thinking brain


really is damn interesting ★★★★★

Great presentation of very interesting snippets of historic and cultural events. I love it and look forward to the next episode.

Mike Trobe

United States

The Name Says It All ★★★★★

Every one is fascinating and super quality.

I’ve been late to several meetings now because I didn’t want to get out of my car before the end of a cast.

More! More!


United States

Favorite podcast ★★★★★

Definitely my favorite podcast


United States

One of the best! ★★★★★

I wish these were weekly podcasts! I’ve yet to listen to an episode that wasn’t spectacular! Keep up the good work and get more of these out there!

Sir F-Fuzzy Logik


Exactly as it sounds ★★★★★

Can’t get enough of this stuff, seriously


United States

99% invisible meets Memory Palace ★★★★★

Love it.



Great podcast to teach and entertain you ★★★★★

I’m looking forward to each new Damn Interesting episode – interesting topics, great writing and awesome audio production. And it’s free! 👍🏻


United States

Just give it a listen! ★★★★★

I have been a fan of DI for many years now, and keep up to date with the website. These podcasts are a great extension of the site, and I am loving them even though I have read the articles myself. Check out the podcast, you won’t regret it!


United States

One of the best in iTunes ★★★★★

Each one of these episodes is like an intricately carved sculpture. Attention to production detail, along with tight and concise story telling make for 10-50 minutes of damned interesting content. It is easy to see why these come out only every few months. I am sure each one takes hours of work. I wish that I could forget all of them, so I could listen to all of them all over again.


United States

My favorite Podcast. Bar None. ★★★★★

Allen bellows and crew do an absolutely masterful job of bringing some of the strangest and most interesting historical tales to life. With a level of production reminicent of a classic radio play they capture the human side of captivating tale after captivating tale. It is an amazing thing when a podcast is done with such care and complexity that only needs to wear headphones to fully enjoy the details My only complaint is that there are not more of these to listen to, though it is understandable considering the time it must take to create them.


United Kingdom

Damn good ★★★★★

Excellent pods. Shame not more of them. Keep them coming guys.

Greggy Weggy

United Kingdom

Great find ★★★★★

Every episode has been genuinely interesting and very slickly produced. It’s always a delight when I see there’s a new one been released


United States

Super awesome ★★★★★

Need more episodes this is a great podcast


New Zealand

Fantastic ★★★★★

Great to listen to while in traffic or at work! Well read and even better when you wear headphones!


United States

Really well done ★★★★★

A great podcast featuring super-interesting historical stories from around the globe.Really great production value. It’s a pleasure to listen.


United States

Awesome podcasts ★★★★★

Really enjoy these podcasts. Always great content!

Restless Turtle


Great Stories and Sound Design ★★★★★

Stories that make you want to hear all the way to end, forcing you to bike around the block, or wait in the car because you don’t want to disconnect until it is done!

They also do a great job with the audio using it like classic theatre, having the effects bury the twists and turns of the characters and events deep into your mind!


United States

Damn…interesting ★★★★★

I await each new episode with bated breath. Intriguing, darkly comical, always interesting…damn interesting!



Discovered late but thoroughly enjoy ★★★★★

For those that are fascinated by obscure facts and “life is stranger than fiction”, this is the podcast for you. My only suggestion is MORE.



A deep dive into interesting real world events ★★★★★

Each podcast involves a ton of research and writing, presented as a story—not always in a purely linear path.



Damn Interesting ★★★★

Damn Interesting, does exactly what it says on the tin. Some amazing stories, really well told.

Jeannie d. That me

United States

Awesome, worth the time ★★★★★

I’ve been listening since almost the beginning of the iTunes podcasting and I love it it is a wonderful wonderful podcast i’ve even got my boyfriend and his father interested in it to different episodes about the mole rats the city that disappeared the Ice city underground all kinds of stuff it’s very cool


United Kingdom

Always Damn Interesting ★★★★★

Thank you so much for such a great series of podcasts. I’ve listened to each one several times and it’s such a treat when new ones are available.

Excellent range of topics and the production is brilliant.

Looking forward to more.



Great stuff ★★★★★

I’ve been a fan of Damn Interesting since I stumbled across the website over a decade ago. These podcast renderings of some of the DI team’s “greatest hits” are well produced and very, very enjoyable. The updates are slightly irregular but that makes every new episode an unexpected treat! Keep it up, noble investigators of all things Damn Interesting :)

Old Curmudgeon 63

United States

Not enough. ★★★★★

I love the podcast with it delving into history’s strange happenings. The only thing is the don’t do episodes nearly enough.
Please do more.



Brilliant! ★★★★★

Great little (and bigger) packets of facts and stories. Incredibly well written, voice work is spot on. Subscribe now.


United States

No frills, Good listening ★★★★★

The format of this podcast is simple: it’s an essay read by a narator. Sometimes there’s a bit of background sound or a clip of something mixed in for flavor, but it’s pretty straight forward. But it really works, the quality of both essays and reading is high. Each episode focuses on one interesting issue or incident and delivers a punchy, focussed look at it with occasional wry humor.

I wish this show came out significantly more often.



A very good podcast ★★★★★

Short episode podcast with lots of interesting facts and good delivery.


United States

Great and interesting stories ★★★★★

Keeps me eagerly awaiting each new episode.



Fantastic ★★★★★

I love the high-quality well-produced stories, I got addicted.
Higly recommended, you will learn a thing or two and even so, they are just fun. If you donate a small amount on their website, you even get access to a ton more of them.



Good ★★★★

Could be more of them



Great subjects, great production ★★★★★

Excellent podcast, more please!


United States

Crazy Facets of History ★★★★★

hyperfocused history on obscure happenings


United States

Best ★★★★★

Best Podcast on iTunes.


United States

Always interesting ★★★★★

Having heard all of the podcasts, and read a vast majority of the articles on the website, i can confidently say that Alan Bellows and his fantastic fellow writers have never published a boring article.


United States

Captivating ★★★★★

The stories are so interesting that they inherently captivate and entrench me into each one. The only complaint I have is that they are released infrequently but they are well worth the wait.


United States

Keep it up ★★★★★

A great podcast. The info and sound design drove me to binge listen through the whole feed. More episodes please!


United States

Draws you into the history ★★★★★

It’s hard to go back to the podcasts where they just talk about history after this. They really draw you into it. I also like that they have many writers which brings a different style to each episode.


United States

Aptly named ★★★★★

Very enjoyable collection of damned interesting stories about a myriad of subjects. Well produced and narrated. Can’t wait for more.


New Zealand

a great find! ★★★★★

Loving this, please keep them coming. Regular SYSK listener and this is comparable…



Fantastic! ★★★★★

I just discovered this podcast while looking around for more info on the Japanese balloon bombs from the 2nd World War. It’s really interesting and has ignited a long latent interest of history in me. Keep up the good work, guys!


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This amazing podcast is fascinating!!! Episodes need to come out much more frequently than they do, however, we all understand that great podcasts like these take time.


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Great Podcast ★★★★★

Does exactly what is says. These Podcasts are indeed damn interesting. Full of detail and brilliantly presented, every one of these podcasts are well worth listening too. I just wish new episodes were released more frequent.



Damn interesting. And damn well done! ★★★★★

This is a really enthralling podcast series. The topics are often quite surprising and at first you might wonder what the big deal is. But then you get drawn into the story, with all the twists and details sucking you deeper and deeper into the mystery or the action. Helped by a very good reading voice and excellent sound effects and background music. You should really give it a try!

Alexandre II

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Recommended ★★★★★

Very interesting and well written. The sound effects make the episodes very immersive.


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Excellent ★★★★★

One of the best podcasts I’ve ever found. Highly enjoyable and very well produced.


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I'm now hooked! ★★★★★

Damn interesting is a fresh take on podcasts, the content is a great listen.
All in all is is a brilliant podcast which leaves me wanting more.



Fantastic!! ★★★★★

A fantastic podcast which is really interesting and informative. The topics covered are wide and varied with very thorough research. You’ll learn something new with each podcast.

The production is first class and the presenters have a wonderful speaking voices.

Highly recommended and I look forward to each new show.


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Awesome ★★★★★

Awesome, just listen.


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Great podcast ★★★★★

I just discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and I wondered how it missed it before. The narriative is interesting, with a touch of dry humor. I have a two hour communte for work each day so I listen to a lot of podcasts. This is definitely being added to my subscription list.

Keep up the good work!



Fascinating ★★★★★

I love the delivery, well produced, excellent sound quality. Topics are random and always interesting and well researched and delivered. My only criticism is that the announcer sometimes mispronounces words, especially names of non-english origin eg Joachim.

Xander T.

United States

Amazing ★★★★★

This podcast is seriously amazing with mind blowing true stories. The most interesting stuff!


New Zealand

Outstanding.... ★★★★★

Awesome podcast, some outstanding stories – you can’t afford to miss this one!


United Kingdom

Amazed ★★★★★

It’s a real treat when you find a well written interesting podcast with great production, added effects to heighten mood and doesn’t rehash other peoples historical facts. 5 stars all the way thanks and keep up the good work.



it’s, well… damn interesting. ★★★★★

love these short, compact episodes!


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F-ing interesting ★★★★★

Been an avid reader for many years.


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Very interesting ★★★★★

Entertaining articles and a well-produced podcast. A wide variety of historical and other topics. An enjoyable way to learn lots of random things.


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Refreshing ★★★★★

A wonderful compliment to an amazing website.


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I love this podcast ★★★★★

Such fascinating stories so beautifully presented.


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Shockingly Good ★★★★★

Great stoires about science with outstanding production value. These guys punch way above their weight and show the guys everywhere how it should be done. BBC Eat your heart out.



I love it ★★★★★

I´ve been reading damn interesting for some time. Their writing is witty and storytelling of the absolute highest quality. Now with audio files their articles is taken one step further and will in my case be a good substitute for the radio while driving.

All in all, I find their articles interesting, and as their name suggest, Damn Interesting


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One of the Best! ★★★★★

Always eager for a new episode! Kudos for great writing and narration.


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Great Podcat! ★★★★★

I love all the bizarre and very interesting parts of history.

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Always a pleasure ★★★★★

True stories about natural facts and what people try to do with them


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Splendid stuff! ★★★★★

Like 99% invisible, but with a more historical bent.



Interesting Indeed! ★★★★★

Random snatches of history, events, people & places most would have never heard of, related in a dry & amusing British manner. Highly recommended for those interested in just about everything!



A breath of fresh air ★★★★★

I just love the guys and gals that put this together. I’ve been a follower of their content for over a year and it never ceases to amaze. I hope their success continues to grow. Love the website too for ample reading material.

Dan the Cheese Man

New Zealand

Yes, it is damn interesting ★★★★★

Imagine my surprise to find one of my most treasured (but sadly infrequently updated) websites had become a podcast. These guys got me trough many a dull afternoon at work, with some really thrilling, pithy written stuff. I’m not one to forward articles, but some of these TRUE stories are truly incredible. The killdozer and the lake that disappeared down a salt mine are two real standouts. The podcast is just as well produced. Brilliant stuff, do yourself a favour and take a listen.


United States

Love ★★★★★

Vist their website too, these people are great.


United States

this is a great podcast ★★★★★

it lives up to its name, and then some


United Kingdom

Damn Interesting, done damn well. ★★★★★

I was unsure about listening to what’s possibly my favourite website, instead of reading it, as I tend to take in information far better visually.
However the podcasts I’ve heard so far are well produced – with a few sound effects to add atmosphere – and are delivered with clarity (and without the histrionics that come often from American presenters) by Alan Bellows himself.
The only thing missing is the readers’ comments – which can be nearly as DI as the articles – so it’s still worth visiting the website if a story interests you.


United States

Great Find ★★★★★

Enjoy listening very much and love the subject matter. As the story becomes more bizarre the deliberate delivery adds to the oddness of the tales.



where's march and april ★★★★

this is good, but irregular

Matthew Henry James


Ok..... ★★★★★

The content in this podcast is reasonably interesting and informative. However the voice over is completely dull, boring, and lifeless. Re recorded this podcast could be great. Maybe something to think about?


United States

Need Better Reader ★★★★★

Content is interesting, but the reader’s deliberate and ponderous delivery is quite dull. Read it like you mean it, not like you’re reading it. Ugh!


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Just Can't Get Enough ★★★★★

Alan Bellows has a talent for finding unbelievable, interesting stories from history that you have never heard of. He starts each story small and gradually pulls back the curtain to reveal more and more bizarre reality until you are amazed that a) it actually happened and b) you haven’t already heard about it. The website is great, the book is great, and this podcast is one more incarnation of that talented storytelling.


United Kingdom

Damn interesting ★★★★★

Excellent and presenting material not heard fullybefore.well written and enjoyably read.


United States

Excellent ★★★★★

Have been reading the site for years, this is a welcome addition. DI on your morning commute, anyone?


United States

Interesting ★★★★★

This is true to its name. I enjoy it.