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Embedded Recorder

Sorry, your current browser does not support the audio recording API. Frowny face. We recommend a recent version of Google Chrome or Firefox.

Notice: Before clicking Next, we recommend you plug in headphones or earbuds to bypass your computer speakers and prevent a screeching noise when the mic turns on. Otherwise your browser will likely "monitor" the mic out of the speakers, creating a loud audio feedback loop.

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Grant Access to Microphone

Your browser should now be asking if this site can use your microphone. Grant mic access to continue. Your system default microphone will be selected.

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When you're ready, hit Record and start talking. Max duration is seconds. Please start off by identifying yourself (name, nickname, job title, or whatever) and your location (e.g., city, state, province, region, or country). You'll have a chance to review/redo your recording before sending.

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(Remember, start by introducing yourself and stating your location).

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We know, it's weird to hear your voice from outside of your head. You sound just fine.

Uploading, please wait...

The file is uploading to our server, it may take a minute or two.


We have received your recording. Your microphone may remain in "monitor" mode until you leave this page, so to avoid feedback noise you may want to leave your headphones plugged in until you close this tab.