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We can give you e-books and audiobooks and stuff.
This site is an independent reader-supported project.
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We can give you e-books and audiobooks and stuff.

Damn Interesting is one of the few remaining specimens of an endangered species: we are a website which actually researches and writes original material. Please help prevent our species' extinction. Send us a few dollars to help us keep the servers running.

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Secure Payment was founded in 2005 and since that time we have written many books' worth of material on all things sciencey and historical. We've spent our spare hours combing through books, newspaper archives, old photo collections, and other such dust-encrusted stuff. We've attended lectures and spoken to experts and scrutinized scientific papers. We mine all this data for obscure nuggets, then smelt and hammer them into non-fiction stories the best we know how. Then we give away the end product for paywall, no advertisements. For the good of humanity and the love of the craft.

Because we are a long-lasting source of reliable original material, our stuff is linked from and cited by hundreds of thousands of other websites and writings. Our articles also appear frequently on high-traffic sites such as Reddit. Consequently our servers are under a constant substantial load, which means our operating costs are expensive. So much so that Alan, our founder, can no longer afford to pay for it out-of-pocket as he has done for almost a decade.

What do I get for donating?

You'll be pleased to know that we are offering nifty stuff as rewards for donating. In addition to a warm feeling of giving, we can send you professionally-designed e-books containing our entire catalog of articles, or a high-quality audio book version of our Greatest Hits.

If there's something else we can offer to make donating worth your time, let us know. We're not some faceless corporation with a customer service department...our contact page just sends an email to Alan. If your message requires a reply it'll be from him.

About Our E-books

We want our hundreds of science and history articles to be as accessible as possible, so we made a system where you can download our catalog as an e-book. With any donation of $9.00 or more you gain access to our Greatest Hits e-book ( articles), or for a donation of $17.00 you can get an e-book containing our entire catalog of interestingness ( articles).

Our e-books are of professional quality and design, and they are compatible with Kindles, Nooks, iPads, Androids, and pretty much any other e-book-compatible contraption. You can even get it as a PDF for comfortable offline computer reading.

About Our Audiobook

We are currently recording an audiobook version of our Greatest Hits as read by the buttery voice of Simon Whistler. The audio is produced in professional quality by Simon Whistler and Alan Bellows. If you donate $32.00 or more you'll gain access to download the entire audiobook. Here's a sample chapter:

Chapters 1 through 90 are currently available (of total), and they consist of many hours of pleasurable listening (192kbits/s MP3). As other parts become available we'll email donors with download links. We anticipate the final product will be around 20 hours, with an average chapter time of around 20 minutes.

Where Does the Money Go?

Every month we move 5% of all donations into our Kiva fund so others can benefit from our good fortune. A fraction also goes to our authors' collective tip jar. The remaining amount pays for our operating costs, which include web hosting (Dreamhost), podcast hosting (SoundCloud), Content Distribution Network, and other stars in our constellation of expenses. If we reach our main goal, a "stretch goal" becomes our next target, and these funds go to things that we'd normally pay for out-of-pocket, such as research materials.

The Future

We have many ideas we'd love to explore. We recently launched an audiobook-like podcast and the response has been positive. It also includes some of the loose interesting bits we couldn't quite fit into our articles. We're working on some science-and-history posters that may intrigue you. We'd love to explore making mini-documentaries based on our material.

If you donate you can bring this glistening future even closer to the present.