Damn Interesting is a small, independent project dedicated to the dissemination of legitimately fascinating but obscure true stories from science, history, and psychology. We reject the fashionable practices of placing quantity over quality and hyperbole over accuracy; we simply tell intriguing true stories as often as we can manage. Our content is offered in website, ebook, audiobook, and podcast formats. The project was established in 2005 by Alan Bellows, and he is the ongoing designer, developer, head writer, and managing editor.

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Why don't you post more often and/or on a regular schedule?

Four reasons: Reason #1: This project is a hobby for us, not a living. We do receive donations, but these pretty much all go to web hosting expenses. Reason #2: Due to reason #1, our writing time shares schedules with day-jobs, eating, sleeping, bowel movements, personal hygiene, and other "necessities". Reason #3: We strive for maximum accuracy and interestingness, so each article is a product of lengthy research, lovingly hand-crafted paragraphs, and strict editing. These take unpredictable amounts of time. Reason #4: This reason intentionally left blank.

Why didn't you put those reasons into a bulleted list?

We couldn't get the formatting right. We tried to make a dunce cap for ourselves but that was too hard too.

Okay, I am now quite satisfied with your infrequent and irregular posting habits.

That is comforting.

Since you are unwilling to post more often how can I be notified when you do post something?

When we post a shiny new article we always announce it on our Twitter and Facebook feeds (those also offer additional interestingness that doesn't make it onto the main site). Or you can subscribe to get an email whenever we post a new article. Or add our RSS feed to your reader. Links to all of those things can be found here.

Wait, if you want to quit your day jobs why don't you just put ads on your site?

We here at Damn Interesting feel that online advertisements are the information equivalent of sand in your swimsuit--an incessant irritant eroding an otherwise pleasant experience. Therefore we cannot put ads on our own site without feeling deeply uncomfortable. And itchy. Basically, ads are designed to steal attention. Our founder Alan browses the web using AdBlock. He is unwilling to be the hypocrite who puts ads on his own site while blocking those from others'.

Also, a creative project's income source is an insidious influence. Ad-supported sites tend to avoid certain article topics for fear of offending sponsors. And things like hyperbole, lazy lists, and mindless images tend to earn the most ad revenue, consequently such "clickbait" plagues ad-supported sites. In contrast, reader- and listener-supported sites like ours must spend our energy producing the best possible content, otherwise donations will dry up.

"The seekers for prizes tend to labor not for inherent excellence but for alien rewards; they tend to write this, or timorously to avoid writing that, in order to tickle the prejudices of a haphazard committee." --Sinclair Lewis

Is the "damn" really necessary?

No, but neither is any other word, really. Words are just vehicles for ideas, and "damn" is the idea we wanted to drive around. If four little letters offend your sensibilities so severely that you must belch rhetorical diatribes, you are cordially invited to go to H-E-double-hockey-sticks.

How can I help?

We accept donations to help us stay afloat. In return we provide exclusive access to our eBooks, audio books, and other nifty stuff.

Can I use your material for something?

Possibly...contact us with the details. If your intended usage is non-commercial and educational your chances are good. For other uses we expect reasonable compensation.

Have you ever published a book?

In 2009 we published a collection of some of our best articles (and a few new, exclusive ones) through Workman Publishing. It's entitled Alien Hand Syndrome, and we feel that everyone should own a copy. Because money. Now we also offer our catalog in eBook and audio book form.

Why was there a period of like 2 years with no new articles?

There was a spike on the stress-graph of life. Writing is difficult under those circumstances. Things are better now.

Where can I find a list of all articles?

We do offer an archive of current content, and a separate archive of our "retired" articles that are no longer deemed worthy of inclusion in the main catalog.

Can I write for you guys?

We do occasionally add new authors if they are talented, self-motivated, and willing to help in our collaborative editing process. If you think that sounds like you, feel free to send us a writing sample. We'll scrutinize your jib and appraise the quality of its cut.

I feel like these questions are not really asked frequently; Are you only addressing the questions you want people to know the answers to?

If that were true would we have included that question? It really makes you think.

No further questions.

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