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Colorado Cannibal Released From Prison

In the study of American History most people remember the story of the Donner Party stuck in the Sierra Nevada Mounta...

Let Me Put a Bug in your Ear

If you are terrified or even mildly afraid of spiders this story is not going put you at any ease. You have probably...

Passport RFID Chips and Your Privacy

Can your privacy be protected with the implementation of RFID chips in your passport? I spawn this question based on...

The First Successful V-2 Rocket

On Oct. 3, 1942 the first successful V-2 rocket was deployed from an island off of Germany's Baltic coast. The rocke...

Operation Midnight Climax

The US CIA and military is filled with a history of bad decisions, deceit, and in some cases what I would classify as...

The Fog of War

Before the election last year there was a very interesting documentary I watched called "The Fog of War". The film w...

Trinity and Beyond – The Atomic Bomb Movie

There is a fantastic documentary that has been around a while called very simply "The Atomic Bomb Movie". The movie...

The Legend of D.B. Cooper

At 4:35 PM on Thanksgiving Eve, November 24, 1971 in the United States, a man traveling under the name Dan Cooper hij...
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