As of September 2019 we are conducting an experiment. We wish to maintain our core crew of Contributing Editors, but we also wish to welcome authors who can occasionally contribute interesting writings without a broader commitment. If you are an individual human author who would like to participate in this experiment, please request access to our freelancer guide on Google Docs. After reading it, if you remain interested in participating, fill out the form below.

Note: If you leave this page open without refreshing for more than 12 hours, the form may fail to submit.


How much do you pay?

Our base rate for freelance long-form articles is $400, details can be found in the above-linked guide.

Do you accept articles that have been previously published elsewhere?

“Never” is a strong word, but it would be apt to say “superseldom”. Existing articles are unlikely to comply with all of our requirements, and more likely to have copyright entanglements. We may be open to reworking one of your earlier writings, but only if it’s a very compelling topic.

Can I submit a chapter adapted from my book?

If you intend to insist that we link to the full book, you’re really just pitching an advertisement, and we don’t do advertisements. We’re sure you put a lot of work into your book, and perhaps it is very good.

I’ve already written the article, can I just send you the whole thing instead of a synopsis?

Please send the synopsis first, and we’ll reach out if we want to see the full text. And do please read the above-linked guide to ensure your article fits with our style and requirements.

Can I submit an article about a product or business?

On rare occasions it’s appropriate to write about a specific product or business, but if your article is a thinly veiled advertisement, we definitely don’t want it. As a rule of thumb, if you are affiliated with the organization or product in question, you are not an impartial observer.

Can I be more than a mere freelancer?

If you successfully publish one or more articles with us, and you wish to become more involved, just let us know. You might be a good fit as a Contributing Editor, with more responsibility, influence, and compensation.

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    We are most interested in non-fiction topics that are obscure, fascinating, and verifiable. If your topic is already well known, or it relies on squishy sources, we are unlikely to pick it up.

    Please summarize how you will approach each of the following sections, as outlined in the freelancer guide:

    Please allow us up to three weeks to respond to your pitch, we will reach out to you at the email address you provided above.