As of September 2019 we are conducting an experiment. We wish to maintain our core crew of Contributing Editors, but we also wish to welcome authors who can occasionally contribute interesting writings without a broader commitment. If you are an individual human author who would like to participate in this experiment, please send an introductory email to We’ll be looking at your email for clues regarding your skills, so try to be engaging, and watch your grammar and spelling. Also please provide a short synopsis of what you want to write about. If the topic has good potential, and you seem to be a talented writer, we’ll get back to you with more information on how to proceed.


How much do you pay?

Our base rate for freelance long-form articles is $400, though this is negotiable.

Do you accept articles that have been previously published elsewhere?

“Never” is a strong word, but very probably no.

I’ve already written the article, can I just send you the whole thing instead of a synopsis?

Please send the synopsis first, and we’ll reach out if we want to see the full text. We have some pretty rigid guidelines, so an existing writing is unlikely to be suitable without alteration.

Can I submit an article about a product or business?

If it is an interesting story about a product or business that you are NOT affiliated with, we’ll consider it. If your article is a thinly veiled advertisement, we definitely don’t want it.

Can I be more than a mere freelancer?

If you successfully publish one or more articles with us, and you wish to become more involved, just let us know. You might be a good fit as a Contributing Editor, with more responsibility, influence, and compensation.