From time to time it is useful for a particular domain to “forget” your web browser, allowing you to use a site with a clean slate, as if visiting for the very first time. Howdy Stranger adds an easy button to your browser toolbar which accomplishes this by clearing out all of the data the website has saved to your browser (cookies, local storage, and session storage), then reloading the page. This is handy for quickly logging out of a site, or resetting page view counters.

This extension doesn’t ask for donations, or send us any data, or anything sketchy like that. It’s just a simple tool that we made for our own use, and it proved so handy that we felt we should make it freely available.

Note: When Howdy Stranger clears all site data, it has the side effect of logging you out of ALL sites on the domain (e.g., clicking the button on will also log you out of

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In Chrome, if the button does not appear after installation, click the puzzle piece extension button near the top right, and click the pin icon next to Howdy Stranger.