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There is a fantastic documentary that has been around a while called very simply “The Atomic Bomb Movie”. The movie is narrated by William Shatner and has a wonderful music score. The real interesting aspect to this movie though is the amazing footage and comprehensive content.

The United States detonated over 331 nuclear bombs over the course of the last century, the majority between 1945 and 1963. These bombs were detonated in the atmosphere, underground, beneath the sea and so on. The uses of atomic bombs were explored beyond that of for weapons, but the U.S. government also sought out uses for practical applications such as excavation projects. Understandably so, these other “useful purposes” came with side effects that were negative. One such test was underground in very copper rich soil. The detonation created a huge underground cavern and fused the earth due to the amount of copper contained within the soil. The area became so highly contaminated that it was restricted for 30-40 years.

The amount of declassified footage, in rather decent quality is very impressive. There is a very serious side of history which I was largely unaware of until watching this movie. The sheer number of nuclear tests that were conducted was far beyond what I would have estimated previously. This movie goes in to many great details and I found it incredibly interesting. It is a bit cheesy, but there is even an option to watch the movie in 3-D with the provided glasses. In addition you can listen to the music score from the DVD stand-alone from the rest of the content.

There is a very cool site that you can visit to view the movie trailer and listen to some of the tracks. Definitely worth checking out. – Atomic Central
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