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The Heavenly Sounds of the Glass Armonica

As with many of man's great achievements (or is that blunders?), it all began with the wine. In this case, however, it was actually the glasses and their...

The Hobo Code

During times of economic hardship, people turn to the road to see if they can make their luck somewhere else. As such, back in the days of the Great Depr...

Another World

Try to imagine a world without numbers. No more addition or subtraction, algebra nor calculus. No more high school geometry. It would be pretty hard to g...

In the Heat of the Moment

In the U.S., violent crime rates are consistently higher in the South than in any other part of the country. It's just a fact. When one tries to figure o...

The Artificial Prison of the Human Mind

In 1963 1971, a study about prisons was funded by the U.S. Navy to try to better understand problems in the Marine Corps.' prisons. The study was run by ...

Forget Yourself For Just a Bit

Amnesia is a fascinating condition, and as such it comes up commonly in popular culture. It's such a wonderful (and by wonderful, I mean wonderfully over...

The Troubled History of Beards

Thanks to my parents' genes, I simply do not grow facial hair. I never have, unless you count microscopic stubble in the same ranks as a full beard. It c...

It Came From Above

Animals have often been used in battle throughout history, mostly as a means of transportation. But what happens when you use them as transportation for ...

Skipping Bombs Like Stones

During World War II, German hydroelectric dams were lucrative targets for the Allies. Not only would busting one cut off a major source of power for Germ...

Hole-y Cow

Animals can live a surprising amount of time with a permanent hole to their stomach, especially if it is a surgically made fistula. Humans have had fistu...

More Than Just a Tune

For some people, whistling is more than just a way to hail a cab. The language of “Silbo Gomero,” found on the Canary Islands, is whistled instead of sp...

The (Almost) Impenetrable Defenses of France

After World War I, the French were understandably worried about another invasion. They had suffered many losses in the first world war and wanted to pre...

Nothing is Wrong

Suppose your friend has suffered a stroke--a major one, which causes hemiplegia in which half of his body paralyzed. Despite being unable to move the lef...

The Longest-Standing Math Problem

Ever had a puzzle that looked easy but tortured you incessantly until you found a solution? Would you work on it obsessively for seven years in isolation...
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