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The Heavenly Sounds of the Glass Armonica

As with many of man's great achievements (or is that blunders?), it all began with the wine. In this case, however, i...

Never Say Never

Don’t you just love proving people wrong by doing what is supposed to be impossible? My own personal triumph was bea...

The Lost Bomber

In the middle of the afternoon on January 31, 1956 a B-25 bomber crash-landed into the Monongahela river near Homeste...

The Hobo Code

During times of economic hardship, people turn to the road to see if they can make their luck somewhere else. As such...

Another World

Try to imagine a world without numbers. No more addition or subtraction, algebra nor calculus. No more high school ge...

In the Heat of the Moment

In the U.S., violent crime rates are consistently higher in the South than in any other part of the country. It's jus...

New Batteries at Long Last

Battery science has traditionally been the slowpoke of the technological industry. Look at a few of its competitors...

The Artificial Prison of the Human Mind

In 1971, a study about prisons was funded by the U.S. Navy to try to better understand problems in the Marine Corps.'...

Forget Yourself For Just a Bit

Amnesia is a fascinating condition, and as such it comes up commonly in popular culture. It's such a wonderful (and b...

The Troubled History of Beards

Thanks to my parents' genes, I simply do not grow facial hair. I never have, unless you count microscopic stubble in...
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