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It Came From Above

Animals have often been used in battle throughout history, mostly as a means of transportation. But what happens when...

Free-Fall from Near Space

You have probably heard about - or done - some form of extreme free-fall, be it sky diving, bungee jumping, or base j...

Skipping Bombs Like Stones

During World War II, German hydroelectric dams were lucrative targets for the Allies. Not only would busting one cut...

The Spanish Flu Epidemic

If you're worried about the possibility of a coming bird flu epidemic, you can take comfort in the fact that humanity...

Hole-y Cow

Animals can live a surprising amount of time with a permanent hole to their stomach, especially if it is a surgically...

More Than Just a Tune

For some people, whistling is more than just a way to hail a cab. The language of “Silbo Gomero,” found on the Canar...

An Extra Second

Tonight you will have one extra second with which to celebrate the new year. A leap second, to be exact. This leap se...

Applications of Natural Selection

With all the debates on the teaching of creationism, evolution, and intelligent design this year, it's good to know t...

The (Almost) Impenetrable Defenses of France

After World War I, the French were understandably worried about another invasion. They had suffered many losses in t...

Nothing is Wrong

Suppose your friend has suffered a stroke--a major one, which causes hemiplegia in which half of his body paralyzed....
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