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With all the debates on the teaching of creationism, evolution, and intelligent design this year, it’s good to know that some people take a more humorous approach to natural selection. Darwinian poetry is a project which asks a daring question – can the input of users cause inherently bad poetry to evolve into something better? By applying their own method of natural selection, the project hopes to create one of the most impossible aspects of any language – a good poem.

From the site:

“Starting with a whole bunch (specifically 1,200) randomly generated groups of words (our “poems”), we are going to subject them to a form of natural selection, killing off the “bad” ones and breeding the “good” ones with each other. If enough generations go by, and if the gene pool is rich enough, we should eventually start to see interesting poems emerge.”

The natural selection process occurs when a random peruser of the site picks one of two poems. Users are invited to vote on poem preferences in order to help the progression of poem society. Eventually the bad poems die off, while new poems are created when the good ones… well… I’ll tell you when you’re older.

Darwinian Poetry