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A Big, Big Hole in the Ground

Yellowstone National Park is a wonder of the natural world. Its geysers, hot springs, and bubbling mud pools are some...

Songs of the Deep

Few species on Earth communicate as frequently and effectively as human beings, and none so majestically or ubiquitou...

Make-Believe Martian Exploration

As you read this sentence, six grown adults are spending their waking and sleeping hours pretending they are on Mars....

India Panspermia?

On July 25th, 2001 a strange rain began to fall over Kerala, India. For three months intermittent reports of colored...

The World’s Tiniest Gold Prospectors, Architects, and Cows

Humans (myself included) like to think of ourselves as the most important species on our planet, but we are sorely wr...

Your Own (Man-Made) Private Island

Humans have engaged in engineering on a massive scale for thousands of years, but only recently have we gained the ab...

New Year’s Eve 11999

Shards, fragments, and ruins are all that remain from the earliest human civilizations ten thousand years ago. Nothin...
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