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Bryan Lowder is a bioengineer living with his family in Utah. He enjoys imagining that he has hobbies such as microcontroller programming, writing, mushroom culturing, and holography.

The Hazards of Eating Bats

Bats, along with spiders and snakes, are one of the most frequently feared animals. Ask any bat lover, and they will...

Audio Masochists Rejoice!

You know how you sometimes pick at a scab? Or probe a sore spot over and over? Or take a second or third look at th...

The Dancing Dead

Human beings, it seems, have always been interested in their innards. We view human interiors with a mixture of horr...

That’s Mister Fusion To You

"Thermonuclear fusion" is a big phrase with big connotations. Related phrases that immediately come to mind include "...

The Glass Engine

Philip Glass is one of the few "serious" composers that you may have heard of. You haven't? Well, consider this your...

Deep Impact

On the Fourth of July 2005, NASA successfully executed what may be their coolest mission ever: to shoot the comet 9P/...

DIY Holography Part I– Hand Drawn Holograms

Yep, hand-drawn holograms. No film or laser beams required. All you need is a hard, dark, reflective piece of plast...

Don’t Catch a Fat

There's been a lot of research findings about obesity in the past few decades, but this seems to be the weirdest yet:...

An Electric Spring in Your Step

Forget those hand-cranked radios. Forget pocketfuls of heavy D-cells. And especially forget those nifty Faraday-effec...

Liquid Telescopes

Ask any astronomer if she’d like a perfectly parabolic six-meter-diameter mirror at one-fiftieth the price, and she’l...
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