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Leonardo The Inventor

Many of us are familiar with Leonardo Da Vinci the artist. His contributions to the culture are seemingly endless....


Part One On April 26th, 1986, the world was shaken by an explosion. The worst-case peacetime scenario had occurre...

The Hunter and the Hunted

Something is lurking in the dark, waiting. A tremor is felt...something approaching. The dark thing waits patiently...

Alicia Jurman

There are many, many stories the world over detailing parts and pieces of WWII. The world ‘round, the name Anne Fran...

It Were Aliens! I Seen ’em!

In a far off region of Siberia, known as Tungunska, an event occurred early in the last century that has caused much...

A Hairsbreadth From Utter Destruction

September 26th, 1983 doesn't stick out in the annals of history as a day to remember. It wasn't the day of a great di...

Into the Looking Glass

A few years ago, there was a commercial for some computer manufacturer or telephone company, or something of the like...
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