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Marisa Brook collects postcards, magnets, travel pins, and sometimes interesting rocks. She also spent eleven years collecting linguistics degrees, and now helps other people do so.

The Alcatraz Redemption

Officially, there were never any successful escape attempts from California's notorious Alcatraz Prison. Nicknamed 'The Rock', Alcatraz is located on the...

The Lonely Tree of Ténéré

Because trees are so abundant, it is rare for a single one to become well-known. Some trees become distinguished due to their historical significance. Th...

The Birth of a Language

Languages are thoroughly organic entities. Each one is complex and versatile, constantly shifting according to the needs of those who use it. When social...

The Tragedy of the Love Canal

William T. Love came to 1890s Niagara Falls, New York, with hugely ambitious plans. The landowner and entrepreneur envisioned the creation of an enormous...

An Island Is Born

Off the coast of Iceland on the morning of 14 November 1963, the crew of a lone fishing trawler spotted an alarming sight. Off to the southwest of the Ís...


Today, the term 'flying circus' most often brings to mind dead parrots, cheese shops, and the Knights Who Say 'Ni'. Before the Python guys came along, ho...

Not Your Average Summer Camp

In the summer of 1954, twenty-two fifth-grade boys were taken out to a campground at Robbers Cave State Park, Oklahoma. Admittance had been quite selecti...

The Winchester Mystery House

So far, life had been very good for Sarah Winchester. Born in the late 1830s in New Haven, Connecticut, she had been raised by a well-off family and was ...

Does Your Handwriting Express Your Personality?

It is a technique used all over the world, and training in it is widely offered. Many employers, especially in France, rely on it heavily to evaluate con...

The Reporter Who Out-Spied a Spy

Summer 1878: With the end of the two-year Russo-Turkish War, the countries of Europe gathered at the Congress of Berlin to discuss and resolve outstandin...
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