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Marisa Brook collects postcards, magnets, travel pins, and sometimes interesting rocks. She also spent eleven years collecting linguistics degrees, and now helps other people do so.

Emphasis Mine

Many people have experienced the odd psychological sensation that results from repeating a word until it no longer se...

The King’s Letters

The 15th-century scholar who upset the Korean aristocracy by creating a native script for the Korean language, and thus wean it off Chinese characters.

The (Very Brief) Republic of Rose Island

In the late 1960s, an Italian engineer named Giorgio Rosa oversaw the construction of an artificial platform in the A...


Market researcher James Vicary became well-known for a 1957 study attesting to the efficacy of subliminal advertising...

Cut It Out

Inés Ramírez Pérez of Rio Talea, Mexico, is known for being one of the only confirmed people to have successfully completed a Caesarian section on herself.

89, 263, 201, 500, 337, 480

A set of three encrypted notes from the nineteenth century purportedly describe the location of hidden treasure in Virginia.

Up in the Air

Two families come up with an ambitious and dangerous plan to escape from authoritarian East Germany in the 1970s.

Welcome to the Jungle

An 18th-century Peruvian woman encounters a staggering amount of bad luck as she attempts to reunite with the husband she hasn't seen in twenty years.

It Came from Beneath the Sea

A new island appears in the Mediterranean, and nearby countries quarrel over who should control it.

Otokichi’s Long Trip Home

A 19th-century Japanese boat adrift in the North Pacific ends up in what is now Washington State. For one of the crewmen, that's just the beginning.
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