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Calorie Reduction for Longer Life

Would you be willing to semi-starve in order to live longer? More to the point, would you be willing to semi-starve s...

Motorcycle Airbags

One morning in 1994 Kenji Takeuchi, founder and owner of Mugen Denko (a Japanese electrical services firm), was on hi...

Pathological Laughing and Weeping

Dr. Schiffer’s patient was thirty-seven when he laughed his way through his best friend’s funeral. At that time he ha...

The Balance of Risk

Let’s suppose your child wants to take a martial arts class. Being a conscientious parent, you check out the local do...

Warm-Blooded Plants

If you live in the Northeastern US, and you walk in the woods on spring mornings, you're likely to see a skunk cabbag...

Cholesterol’s Achilles Heel

A joke for those of you who like puns. A chiropractor has been in practice for many years when he realizes that a...

A Life More Colorful

Human beings normally see in color. We are natural trichromats-- we have three different color receptors that permit...

The Dutch Tulip Bubble of 1637

Note: The primary sources for much of this article's claims have been discredited by modern historians in recent year...

Do You See What I Hear?

Human beings are very metaphoric creatures. We love to juxtapose the experience of one sense with another. Whether it...

A Big Footprint on the Steppe

The Y-chromosome is one that geneticists love to study. Because it is passed on from father to son with no matching c...
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