Most of the internet savvy, it seems, are somewhat lacking in knowledge relating to the interesting topic of “bizarre domesticated animals that people breed for fun.” To help reduce this unfortunate trend, I introduce the fainting goat.

The small, domesticated goat carries the hereditary genetic disorder called myotonia congenita which causes the legs of this little critter to, when startled or excited, go rigidly stiff for about ten seconds.

As far as I can tell, most people breed these varmints mostly to snap open umbrellas at them, and watch as they scatter like bowling pins. In the past however, fainting goats were bred for circuses and menageries as food; the fainting goat would be placed in an enclosed location with an animal that needed to hunt, such as a lion. The chase didn’t last long once the goat was startled by the giant cat bearing down on it. The lion got to hunt, the animal’s keepers didn’t have to let it out of its cage⁠—everybody wins. Except the goat.