As the manuscript-delivery deadline approaches for our Damn Interesting book, we must take drastic action to avoid being sucked into a temporal vortex of magnificent and frightful proportions. Consequently, we hope you won’t mind a handful of re-runs while we enter phase three of the book-writing process: Irrational Bargaining.

We’ll try to keep you abreast of our progress as we segue into Guilt, absquatulate into Anger, and deviate into Depression. We anticipate arriving at the final phase⁠— Acceptance⁠— vibrating with caffeine and emotional compression.

On an unrelated note, our site’s new-and-improved platform is nearing completion, and in about 8 weeks we hope to begin private Beta testing. We’ll need people to help us do some load testing (lots of people at the same time) as well as compatibility testing (making sure the new site works everywhere, including weird mobile browsers and stuff). If you are willing to help us test when that time comes, please follow this link.


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