Pemmican in progress
Pemmican in progress

In the North American fur-trading days, many trappers came to rely on a high-calorie, long-endurance foodstuff known as pemmican, a recipe which was borrowed from the native peoples. Pemmican was produced by using rocks to smash fat and berries into thin strips of dried meat, fusing them together into a primitive meaty-and-fruity power bar. A more modern version of this chewy chow can be found here at Damn Interesting, as we smash sweet excuse-berries into thin strips of dried-out articles for your masticating pleasure.

We hope you won’t mind a handful of classic articles as we make some book-related preparations. We need a few more days to finish planting the art-related bush that we were beating around in our book announcement, and there are a number of other exciting additions afoot. We’ll keep you abreast of our progress in the days ahead.

On a related note, the very attractive Damn Interesting magnets have arrived, and they will shortly be sent out to all who donated $15 or more to the book effort. Exclamation point.

On an unrelated note, if you like to print the articles from Damn Interesting, you’ll find that the paper presentation of our pages has been much improved. It was previously pretty poor.