Yes, we here at Damn Interesting acknowledge that we’ve not been squeezing out articles without our once-vigorous regularity. Following some recent author departures, the remaining writers have tried to keep things moving by pushing harder… but sometimes the harder one pushes, the more things get backed up.

Rather than continuing to produce articles in such unpredictable spurts, we’ve decided to establish a schedule and give it a whirl. Beginning tomorrow⁠— 22 March⁠— we aim to have something new posted every Monday and Thursday, and we’ll eliminate the intermingled oldies. This way, there will be no more wondering when the next article will arrive.

Ultimately our goal is to irrigate our writers pool so we can move to posting something new every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so if you delight in the prospect of writing for a website that makes crappy metaphors, feel free to send us a sample. We’ve received a few in recent weeks, and we’re looking those over as well.

Thanks for putting up with our irregular output lately, hopefully this change will help things to flow more smoothly.