2/2/1964 – Sleuth With 6 Million Clients (NYTimes Magazine)
7/14/1964 – Former Nazi Camp Guard Is Now a Housewife in Queens (NYTimes)
7/15/1965 – U.S. Studies Entry of Ex-Nazi Guard (NYTimes)
8/23/1968 – Ex-Nazi in Queens Faces U.S. Action (NYTimes)
9/29/1971 – Citizenship Lost by Queens Woman (NYTimes)
3/12/1972 – Fire Bombers Said to Pick Wrong Home (NYTimes)
5/10/1972 – Queens Woman Explains Lies in Deportation Case (NYTimes)
6/26/1972 – Neighbors Defend Ex‐Nazi Guard U.S. Seeks to Deport (NYTimes)
6/10/1972 – Deportation Inquiry Told Guard Beat Nazi-Death-Camp Inmates (NYTimes)
9/9/1972 – Killing of Six Laid To Ex-Nazi Guard (NYTimes)
9/23/1972 – Queens Woman Tied at Hearing To Concentration Camp Deaths (NYTimes)
9/25/1972 – Survivors of Maidanek Camp Honor Memory of Thousands of Fellow Jews (NYTimes)
9/26/1972 – Queens Woman Called Second Cruelest at Camp (NYTimes)
9/27/1972 – Hearings on Mrs. Ryan Halted (NYTimes)
3/23/1973 – Ex-Guard For Nazis Held Here (NYTimes)
3/27/1973 – Judge Denies Plea for Bail For Woman, Ex-Nazi Guard (NYTimes)
4/10/1973 – Mrs. Ryan Linked to Girl’s Hanging (NYTimes)
5/2/1973 – U.S. to Extradite Ex-Guard in Camp (NYTimes)
6/8/1973 – Former Nazi Loses Extradition Appeal (NYTimes)
7/26/1973 – Powell Refuses to Block Mrs. Ryan’s Extradition (NYTimes)
8/8/1973 – Mrs. Ryan is Flown to Europe to Trial (NYTimes)
8/9/1973 – Mrs. Ryan, Extradited by Bonn, Faces a Long Inquiry and Trial (NYTimes)
12/8/1973 – Ex-Chief Immigration Trial Attorney Quits Abruptly (NYTimes)
12/05/1973 – U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn Apparently Leaps to Death (NYTimes)
12/8/1973 – Ex-Chief Immigration Trial Attorney Quits Abruptly (NYTimes)
12/30/1973 – U.S. Opens a New Bid to Get Evidence on Ex-Nazis (NYTimes)
11/26/1974 – Drive on Nazi Suspects a Year Later: No U.S. Legal Steps Have Been Taken (NYTimes)
2/20/1975 – Mrs. Ryan, Nazi Guard, Is Indicted in Germany (NYTimes)
1975 – U.S. Under Fire for Foot-Dragging in Prosecuting EX-Nazis (Evening Star)
8/29/1975 – After 30 Years, West German Trials of Nazis for War Crimes Are Still Dragging On (NYTimes)
11/27/1975 – 15 Majdanek Guards in German Trial (NYTimes)
5/15/1977 -‘Nazi Hunter’ Accuses 2 Funds Of Aiding Accused War Criminals (NYTimes)
5/16/1977 – Wiesenthal Charges That Two Right-wing Groups Provide Money for Legal Defense of War Criminals (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
6/17/1978 – The Second Trial of Hermine Ryan (NYTimes)
11/10/1978 – At Long Nazi Trial, the Sence of Horror is Vanishing in a Murmur of Legalisms (NYTimes)
5/7/1981 – Final Plea for an Ex-New Yorker Made in 5-Year War Crimes Trial (NYTimes)
7/1/1981 – Ex-New Yorker Gets Life for Crimes in Nazi Camp (NYTimes)
7/2/1981 – Longest Nazi war crimes trial comes to end in West Germany (Christian Science Monitor)
3/6/2005 – Breaking Away (NYTimes Magazine)
9/20/2005 – Simon Wiesenthal, ‘Conscience of the Holocaust,’ Dies at 96 (Haaretz)
12/2/2005 – A Nazi Past, a Queens Home Life, an Overlooked Death (NYTimes)
8/21/2018 – US deports 95-year-old ex-Nazi guard to Germany (Associated Press)
4/30/2020 – Maspeth woman was sadistic Nazi camp guard (Queen’s Chronicle)