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Crime really winds my watch, and I am fully in favor of intense and creative crime deterrents.

The AUTO TASER from the UK is an ingenious amalgam of The Club, a car alarm, and a Taser. It’s a long locking mechanism that affixes to an automobile’s steering wheel, and extends out over the stereo. It locks into place firmly, preventing the steering wheel from moving. If someone does break into the car, and tried to force the mechanism to move, that person is treated to all three functions: first, the inability to remove the lock should alone foil his schemes. Second, if the vibration detectors sense an intruder, a screeching 120-130 dB alarm is sounded as a warning before the third, and most interesting countermeasure lights up; five seconds later, a field of electrons completely surrounds the unit. Any attempt to touch the AUTO TASER will slap the culprit with a non-lethal⁠—yet non ignorable⁠—50,000 volt pulse of justice.

The AUTO TASER could be a good friend if you must leave your car in a bad neighborhood, but what if you’re in a neighborhood where you fear the thugs won’t care if you’re in the vehicle or not when they try to break in?

Then you turn to the Blaster from South Africa. Doctors are against it, claiming that it could kill or seriously burn someone. Police, however, said the thing is perfectly legal. I think they were smiling when they said it. The Blaster has a canister of fuel in the trunk, pipes that run down and under the doors, and an electric ignition. If you’re driving a car so equipped, say taking your family to a tasty Frozen Custard joint in a rough neighborhood, and someone comes a rapping at your window with a firearm. He orders you out. You don’t want to leave your family in the hands of this roughneck, so instead you raise your hands, and press the pedal.

A curtain of flame shoots out from under the door. Not only is this a loud visual beacon that you’re in distress, but the criminal is disinclined to continue his pursuit of your car.

With more items like these, the old axiom of “Crime doesn’t pay” might actually have some validity.

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