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Octopi have had the long held reputation of being masters of escape, and a well deserved reputation it is. Tales of various octopi escaping their aquarium and running amok are fairly common; in fact, the Journal of Applied Animal Science has gone so far as to label keeping an Octopus in an aquarium a health risk to the octopus … in case he can’t find his way back before he dries out.

It is old news that Octopi can be taught to open jars. Just show them how, and they’ll get the gist of it. In fact, the gooey invertebrates learn so fast that most scientists believe that if they had a longer life span they might be taught some problem solving.

But I daresay they can solve problems already.

Take for example the good keepers in the Seattle Aquarium, who placed a Giant Octopus in a tank containing sharks, they were concerned that the sharks might attack the Octopus, but decided the sharks were well fed and wouldn’t be a bother. And indeed they weren’t. They kept being found dead in the bottom of the tank. After only a few days, one of the staff decided to stay behind and see what was happening. As it turned out, it wasn’t the sharks they should have worried about. The octopus was wasn’t keen on sharing the tank with such oceanic ruffians, and was … picking them off as they wandered too near. Only the video does the tale justice.

Escape artist, jar opening, shark killing octopi …

Opening a jar of goodies article.
Octopus sacking a shark video⁠—needs Real Player.