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In the nation of Peru there are annually a high number of UFO sightings reported, but like most UFO sightings, there are few pictures, and those there are don’t meet the quality standards of 1913 color photography. However absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence, and there are a few quirks in that region of the world that bear examination.

The largest of these features are the Nazca lines. The area is called the Pampa Colorada. It is 15 miles wide and runs some 37 miles parallel to the Andes and the sea. There is no sand in this desert. From the ground, one only sees that the dark red surface stones and soil have been cleared away, exposing the lighter-colored subsoil, creating the “lines”. But from the air, the “lines” collude to create geometric shapes, depictions of animals and plants in stylized forms, including images of humans.

The interesting part is that there is no point where a person can stand and see the designs; they are only visible from the air.

The wet-shirt, conventional scientists say that the etchings were made by the Nazca Indians who flourished in the region from 600-200 BC, but the more imaginative observers question why such intricate, large designs were made in such a way that they couldn’t even see them? It seems obvious to some that the icons were drawn to be observed from the sky, there must have been observers in the sky to enjoy them. Somehow this logic leaps to the observers being UFOs of alien origin. A stretch? Maybe.

One must also consider the Ica Stones. These rocks were brought to the attention of the scientific community in 1966 when Dr Javier Cabrera took a shining to them. A farmer in Peru, not far from the Nazca Lines claimed to have found a trove of the stones in caves and riverbeds. The stones vary in size from palm-of-the-hand to a beach ball, and bear etchings around their entire shape. No two of the stones are alike. Some of the notable designs include men riding dinosaurs, a fairly accurate globe with extra continents, a man pulling a baby from a woman’s abdomen ala c-section, and a man peering into another guy’s head. Were there dinosaurs around to model for these etchings? Would it be because there were dinosaurs around longer than conventional wisdom knows about, or because the people were there earlier? Either way, the stones make for a fantastic tale.

The Peruvian government locked the farmer up for selling artifacts until he confessed that he’d made them to sell to tourists, but was he saying it just to get out of jail free? The rocks themselves are of volcanic origin, and devoid of organic particles required for radio-carbon dating; no one but the farmer has found one and pointed it out to scientists who might index the age from the strata in which it was found. At this point labeling them a hoax seems tempting, save the glaze on the stones.

The stones are all marked with a glaze that is the result of years of bacteria. If the stones were etched in the 1960’s one would expect that the craved bits would not contain the glaze (since it takes hundreds of years to grow), but they do. There have been theories as to faking the glaze, but none that adequately describe the issue.

But where did these items come from? Possibly from the ancient UFO port named Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu in a city perched high in the Andes mountains. The architecture is sound, the buildings made of extraordinarily well fit stones, and tenets of the buildings are designed around the movements of the sun and stars. Such things are seen in other sites around the world though, the feature that makes this one extra strange is the fact that it is located where it is⁠—high in the mountains. From where did they get water and food? There are no farmlands near. True, it rains a lot in the Andes, but is it regular and adequate enough to support a village?

Or did they have their sundries flown in? Were the Nazca Lines merely billboards along the interplantary-highway offramp?

There are various retellings of the theory, but the gist of all of them is this: Aliens moved into Earth when it was a new and trendy neighborhood. The oceans were young and small, and there was plenty of land for everybody. Earth was good save for the veracious thunder-lizards and the terrible climate. In trying to change the climate they accidentally set the tectonic plates to moving, which somehow spoiled all the fun, so they packed up and went home.

Pretty wild tale, but if the MiB come kill me⁠—even if it looks like a suicide⁠—then consider it. After all, it’s no more ludicrous than the mythology of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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