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Radio is becoming irrelevant. Once it was the major stronghold of music and record companies, the medium through which listeners were introduced to new music, and hence new products to sell, and hence new revenue for the company. Radio does continue to serve this purpose, but the territory is quickly being encroached upon.

The internet is the radio’s rival. It’s edging out the former king by logging music users likes and dislikes, and presenting people with a chance to use their own established favorites to find others new artists they mayn’t have seen before.

The relational process is more efficient for the user. It allows one to preset guidelines as the new music he will sample, rather than the radio’s more shotgun type approach.

Take for instance the interesting It allows a person to input an artist, and then displays a grouping of artists that are generally liked by the same people, the nearer a result is to the central, searched artist, the greater the correlation. This allows someone to seek new entertainment in the same vein, and thus have a greater chance of finding something to fill their craving.

Is it time the radio died?