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Throughout history, there have been men of science who put their own well-being on the line in the pursuit of truth, not unlike the 2005 Nobel prize winners in medicine. While such actions may be detrimental to a researcher’s health, the service to humanity is incalculable. One such hero of the masses is Steve, who samples “foods” such as pickled pork rinds, corn smut, and silkworm pupas… so you don’t have to. Be warned, the site contains some harsh language and harsh foods.

From the site:

While perusing the “Good Lord, NOOOO!” aisle of the supermarket, I came across the atrocity known as Dolores Brand Pickled Pork Rinds. These are not the crunchy pork rinds you’ll often see over by the chips. These are their grosser, soggier, potentially botulism-ier cousins.

The label says “Ready to Eat.” They left off “By Dumb-Asses.”

There is also a red starburst proudly proclaiming “Nuevo Envase de Vidrio Reusable”. Not knowing much Spanish, I could only assume that meant “Oh Crap ⁠— A Jar of Skin!”

Steve, Don’t Eat It!