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Sure, it’s happened to all of us at one time or another… you’re strolling down the road minding you own business, and BAM! …you’re accosted by an angry, disembodied, giant robot arm that picks you up and thrashes you wildly through the air. In this modern age, that sort of thing just happens.

Well, a company called KUKA, which manufactures large industrial-grade robotic arms used in car making, has the crazy notion that people will part with their hard-earned money to deliberately experience this thrashing. And after watching the videos, my money and I started saying our goodbyes.

Their Robocoaster arm has a free range of high-speed movement in every direction for maximum aneurysm potential, up to about 5 meters per second, all while the “wrist” pivots sporadically in 360 degrees. This recipe reportedly makes for the fastest, most unpredictable ride you’ll ever crawl away from. Each ride is fully programmable for thousands of possible ride variations.

I’m sure it’s perfectly safe though, it’s operated by a Microsoft Windows operating system. Those never crash. Cough.