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It’s a big world, and there all types of tastes in it. I guess the variety makes for an interesting world, but sometimes people take it too far!

Pork rinds aren’t my thing, but I can see why someone would want to eat them. I would avoid Silkworm Pupas, but they’re just the ticket for somebody out there. But damnit, we have to draw a line, and Octopus Ice Cream would have to be on the far side of that line.

Someone really makes Octopus Ice Cream. Why make a treat out of the many tentacled, evil geniuses? I don’t know. I have nothing against calamari, nor do I disdain ice cream, but they belong in different worlds.

But maybe that’s not the worst of the ice creams that have been conjured. Consider:

  • Chicken Wing Ice Cream (Japan)
  • Crab Ice Cream (Japan)
  • Eel Ice Cream (Japan)
  • Fish Ice Cream (Japan)
  • Wasabi Ice Cream (Japan)
  • Ox Tongue Ice Cream (Japan)
  • White Pepper Ice Cream (Food Network)
  • Blue Cheese & Pear Ice Cream (Origin unknown)
  • Garlic Ice Cream (USA)

Maybe it the growing affinity for fast food tossing items into one bowl to save time. Maybe it’s the fusion foods movement. All I know is that it’s a crime against chocolate.

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