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Finally an invention we should all support. It had to bust out of Japan, a county infamous for its risqué creativity. And for those of us sinking inevitably into winter, this couldn’t come at a more opportune time.

Allow me put forward the heated bra. The cups are lined with a gel that allows one to warm this brassiere in the microwave, and it will then exude that warmth out into its charges over the course of several hours. Not only is it practical, though, it’s also stylish. The gel-filled cups add a bit of bulk, the middle sports a little “hot pepper” pendant, and the coup de grâce, a built in faux fur boa.

Personally, I find it very uplifting that people are still creating perky things like this, and I’ll bet that all the cold nipples out there are piqued.

Sadly, the warming bra only comes white. I don’t know why, but this thing screams out to me of hot-pink-leapord-print. With a matching fuzzy pimp hat.

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