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It is well known that Hitler’s weapons scientists were pursuing an atomic weapon in the waning days of World War 2, but new evidence has recently come to light that indicates that they were, in part, successful. These documents describe a primitive nuclear explosive that was successfully constructed in Germany, but it was too unwieldy and primitive to be delivered from an aircraft.

According to the author of this new German-language book entitled “Hitler’s Bombe,” several nuclear devices were exploded by the Nazis in 1944-45, and hundreds of POWs and internees died as part of the tests. The book also states there was a working nuclear reactor near Berlin in that same time period, and that Nazi physicists had drafted a patent for a plutonium bomb as early as 1941. The bombs which were produced and tested were reportedly “dirty bombs,” which are made of up conventional explosives which are packed with nuclear material to add nuclear fallout to the bomb’s destructive power.

A spokesman for the book’s publisher said the book was based on research reports, construction plans, diaries, aerial photos, spy reports and testimonies of some of the scientists involved. He also said that radiation measurements and soil analysis were also used to back up the book’s assertions.

The book is supposed to go on sale in Germany tomorrow, so perhaps closer examination of its evidence will reinforce or oppose these claims.

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