A foot.
A foot.

We at Damn Interesting are happy to announce that we have officially returned from our spontaneous hiatus. One might describe the sensation as “delighted” if one were prone to fits of gleeful hyperbole. We also bring news:

The Damn Interesting book Alien Hand Syndrome is now available at fine bookstores everywhere. Discerning readers may procure copies at any bookseller worth its salt. If we owe you a free copy based on your donations during our fund raising effort, you may expect to find it occupying your mail receptacle very soon. As you thumb through the wood-pulp, be sure to pay extra attention to the dedication page; its sentiment is quite heart-felt.

In other news, we’ve implemented a more streamlined layout for Damn Interesting in an effort to comfort our colicy webserver. The new design is twice as shiny, and thrice as efficient. While we were at it, we upgraded our antiquated blog software, and we now enjoy the features, efficiency, and security of the new WordPress. The upgrade process was perilous, and the transition is not yet complete, but over the next few days we’ll be tightening the bolts and shimming the short-legs. In the meantime, feel free to drop us a line if this new design prompts any odd behaviors, strong feelings, or indigestion. Development is still underway on DamnSite⁠—the multi-purpose platform that will add message boards and other nifty features to Damn Interesting⁠—but in the short term we’ve decided that out time is best spent writing.

Thanks much for your support and patience during our hiatus.

We have no shortage of good article topics in the queue, and the first of many is forthcoming imminently.