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The Trouble with Triples

What do the American bison, western gorilla, and Eurasian eagle-owl have in common? One answer is that they are all s...

It Belongs in a Museum

In January 2010, two journalists knocked on the door of 84-year-old Frenchman Jacques Bellanger to ask him about the...

A Wealth of Insight

At the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, social psychologist Paul Piff paired off approximately 200 u...

The Unknown Father

Alois Schicklgruber was never quite certain who his father was. Born in 1837, Schicklgruber was the child of Maria An...

The Overlooked Amendment

"Article the Second" was a single-sentence amendment written by James Madison in 1789, intended to be added to the Un...

One Small Step for a Man

During the development of the Apollo moon missions in the early 1960s, the newfangled government agency called “NASA”...

Half a Thought

The smallest denomination coin ever circulated in the United States was valued at five milles, equivalent to one 200t...

Let Us Be Joyful

Laßt Froh Uns Sein ("Let Us Be Joyful") is a short musical canon in B-flat major for six voices, written by the celeb...

How Miss Shilling’s Orifice Helped Win the War

How a female engineer defied all norms to save England in the Second World War.

It’s Not Rocket Science

One of the most dramatic surgical procedures still performed on human patients is the hemispherectomy, or the removal...
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