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Alan Bellows is the founder/designer/head writer/managing editor of Damn Interesting.

Colonels of Truth

The tumultuous true story of the life of a fast food icon.

Faxes From the Far Side

The 1950s-era Soviet mission to first photograph the far side of the moon.

The First Ten Years

We pause to observe the tenth anniversary of our site's founding.

The Zero-Armed Bandit

The story of a treacherous contraption that appeared mysteriously in a Lake Tahoe casino.

The Derelict

A series of accidents and errors amass into disaster at sea. But that's not the end of the story.
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May Have Settled

It was early in the morning on the 1st of May 1832 in New York City. The ordinarily gentle horse-drawn traffic of the up-and-coming metropolis seemed a b...

The Clockmaker

A patient German inventor in Nazi Germany takes matters into his own hands.

Absolute Zero is 0K

Victorian scientists struggle to reach and understand the vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly cold universe at Absolute Zero.
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The Damn Interesting Article Accelerator

We here at Damn Interesting don't manage to post new articles quite as often as we'd like. We relish researching and writing, but until recently there we...

Three Thrown Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

An unlikely and unethical psychological experiment is undertaken at Michigan's Ypsilanti State Hospital in 1959.

The City Under Ice

A 1950s-era experimental US military base under the Greenland ice turns out to be more than it seems.

Niagara be Dammed

In 1969 the US Army Corps of Engineers shut down the American section of Niagara Falls for maintenance. Parts of the rock had been breaking off, putting ...

The Conductor

The tragic story of the holder of a very unfortunate world record.

Andrée and the Aeronauts’ Voyage to the Top of the World

The story of three adventurers who tried to reach the North Pole via hydrogen balloon in 1897.

The Isle of Doctor Seaborg

On the hypothetical "Island of Stability" which might allow for long-lived atoms of never-before-seen elements.

Nineteen Seventy Three

Chile's audacious 1970s-era plan to network and automate the country's entire economy, hindered by political upheaval and CIA maneuvering.

Better Call Sol

The history and science of coronal mass ejections, and their effects on humans and technology.

Meddle, Metal, and Mettle

The story of the disturbed man who stalked and ultimately shot US president James Garfield.
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Can I Borrow a Feeling?

In 1973, a trio of psychologists convened in a preschool classroom to perform a diabolical experiment upon unsuspecting children. Lepper, Greene, and Nis...
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Apocalypse on the Set

We are pleased to announce that Damn Interesting contributor Ben Taylor has just published a shiny new book that is sure to be the first in what we hope ...
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