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Alan Bellows is the founder/designer/head writer/managing editor of Damn Interesting.

The Unknown Father

Alois Schicklgruber was never quite certain who his father was. Born in 1837, Schicklgruber was the child of Maria An...

The Overlooked Amendment

"Article the Second" was a single-sentence amendment written by James Madison in 1789, intended to be added to the Un...

One Small Step for a Man

During the development of the Apollo moon missions in the early 1960s, the newfangled government agency called “NASA”...

Half a Thought

The smallest denomination coin ever circulated in the United States was valued at five milles, equivalent to one 200t...

Let Us Be Joyful

Laßt Froh Uns Sein ("Let Us Be Joyful") is a short musical canon in B-flat major for six voices, written by the celeb...

Misguided Missiles

In April 1929 in the town of Naco, Arizona, the Cristero War was raging just over the border in Mexico. Rebels in tha...

During the Dark Times

In the European theater of World War 2, as early as 1943, the German Army deployed a small number of special Panther...
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The Damn Interesting Curio Cabinet

Announcing the newest entry in our podcast lineup: The Damn Interesting Curio Cabinet
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The Return of the Bandit

We made a diverting little browser game to mark the 40th anniversary of the events described in one of our most popular articles
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Permission to Grow

Beards have been banned in a number of military forces in history, from Qing Dynasty China to the modern-day Indian A...
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