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Alan Bellows is the founder/designer/head writer/managing editor of Damn Interesting.

Better Call Sol

The history and science of coronal mass ejections, and their effects on humans and technology.

Meddle, Metal, and Mettle

The story of the disturbed man who stalked and ultimately shot US president James Garfield.
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Can I Borrow a Feeling?

In 1973, a trio of psychologists convened in a preschool classroom to perform a diabolical experiment upon unsuspecting children. Lepper, Greene, and Nis...
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Apocalypse on the Set

We are pleased to announce that Damn Interesting contributor Ben Taylor has just published a shiny new book that is sure to be the first in what we hope ...

Aches on a Plane

The story of a troubled FedEx flight engineer who boarded a flight unannounced and attempted to carry out a terrifying plan.

Bound By Tradition

The ancient and strange Chinese practice of foot binding.

The Ice Worm Cometh

On the curious, tiny organisms that make their homes inside glaciers. 
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Writer on the Storm

As you may have noticed, until about a week ago the Damn Interesting web server was about as sturdy as a pair of paper pajamas. A sustained orgy of traff...

Rider on the Storm

The story of an unplanned and prolonged skydive through a thunderstorm.

Who Wants To Be a Thousandaire?

Michael Larson had a lot of time and TVs on his hands, and he used them to hack one of his favorite game shows.
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It’s About Damn Time

(This post's content expired, but its husk remains here as a historical curiosity).

Steely-Eyed Hydronauts of the Mariana

The story of humanity's first visit the ocean's deepest point.
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Something’s Afoot at Damn Interesting

We at Damn Interesting are happy to announce that we have officially returned from our spontaneous hiatus. One might describe the sensation as "delighte...
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A Series of Unfortunate Hacks

For the past several weeks, Damn Interesting has been repeatedly violated by a gaggle of Russian hackers. Their strange probes sought out all unprotecte...

In Soviet Russia, Lake Contaminates You

The story of one of the most radioactive places in the world.

Doctor Watson’s Phobia Factory

The story of a series of chilling psychological experiments on an infant in 1920.
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Damn Deadlines

As the manuscript-delivery deadline approaches for our Damn Interesting book, we must take drastic action to avoid being sucked into a temporal vortex of...

The American Gustation Crisis of 1985

The story of the curiously outsized reaction to the 1985 reformulation of a popular soft drink.

Eugenics and You

The troubling history and surprising origins of the eugenics movement in the early 20th century.

The Martian Express

A hypothetical vehicle that would facilitate frequent, relatively inexpensive transit between Earth and Mars.
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