Damn Interesting Curio Cabinet cover art
Damn Interesting Curio Cabinet cover art

Fifteen years ago today, Damn Interesting materialized on this series of intercontinental information tubes. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move (with apologies to Douglas Adams).

To observe this controversial conception, we are sowing further controversy: Our short-form writings, formerly known as “nuggets”, will henceforth be known as “curios”. Furthermore, relatedly, we observe this 15th birthday by offering a new podcast: The Damn Interesting Curio Cabinet. The episodes are almost disquietingly brief, but we hope that their interestingness eclipses their diminutiveness. We’ve preloaded the feed with 52 microepisodes to get things started, many more to come.

The pandemic and the US holiday are apparently delaying the approval of our new podcast with Apple, Google, Stitcher, etc., but you can find the RSS feed on our podcasts page, and we will update with respective feeds as they become available. One can also listen via embedded audio players on participating curio pages.

Thank you for your kind attention.