Science tells us that the laws of physics are not subject to change, and that these laws determine the interaction of all matter and energy in existence. If no matter or energy⁠— at any level⁠— is outside of the influence of these immutable laws, it could be suggested that every event which ever occurs is the inevitable result of a series of events which began at the inception of the universe.

For the sake of argument, let us suggest that there is no true randomness in the universe, only unpredictability. This would mean that all of the matter and energy which was ejected from the Big Bang followed a set path as the universe expanded. Each particle went where the laws of physics determined it must, depending on its inertia, gravitational influence, friction, etc.

Every object that ever existed was formed by the interaction of matter and energy, working within these laws. Consequently, stars, planets, puppies, and brown paper packages tied up with string all exist because each particle in the collection of particles that make them up followed the laws of physics, from the moment they sprang into existence until the moment they came together to form the object. Furthermore, the path that physics set these particles upon will eventually lead them elsewhere, where they will contribute to the temporary existence of some other inevitable assembly of particles. If it were possible to observe every particle in the universe at once, and one had a complete knowledge of the laws of physics, the future would not be a mystery, it would be predictable with 100% accuracy.

Clearly, this website is the unavoidable product of the creation of the universe. It had to spring into existence at exactly the moment it did. The laws of physics demanded it.