Happy New Year! This has nothing to do with the new year.

We at this website know, reluctantly, that “d*mn” is not always a welcome word. Additionally, we are aware that we have a few articles sporting even saltier vocabularies (settle down, Colonel Sanders!). Countless school teachers have admonished us for our casual profanity, the use of which makes it difficult to share our otherwise engaging content with young, impressionable students. Innumerable parents had clucked their tongues at us for our uncouth lexicon. We want you to know that we heard your feedback, waited about 17 years, then created a less profane mirror site so teachers can share stuff with students or whatever. And here it is 👇👇👇


You can visit that site directly, or replace the “damn” with “dang” for any URL on our site. Do so, and 97.43228% of the profanity will be defenestrated like a flibbertigibbet. Hot damn, that’s couth!