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White Death

A lone Finnish sniper repels enough invading Russians in WW2 to earn the nickname "White Death".

Pushed to the Limit

The story of an unlikely and dangerous mid-air rescue during the Korean War.

The Wrath of the Killdozer

Marvin Heemeyer of Granby, Colorado was a profoundly frustrated muffler repair man. In 2004 he took drastic measures.

Mediterranean be Dammed

A plan to build a dam near the narrowest point of the Straight of Gibraltar, resulting in an eighteen-mile-long structure from Morocco to Spain.

A Large-Hearted Gentleman

A cool breeze blew over the lush Indian forest. Jim Corbett was being hunted. The tigress that stalked him was alre...

Life Without the Moon

Life is a tenuous thing. Earth is just within Sol's habitable zone, and constantly pelted with solar radiation and c...

Guppy Love

It has long been observed-- though not scientifically-- that women seem to show a vague preference for men who are al...

This Looks Like a Job for Vermin!

The common rat is hideous thing to behold. Two species make up what we call the true rat: the black rat Rattus rattus...

Beware the Dangers of Oxygen

There's a caustic substance common to our environment whose very presence turns iron into brittle rust, dramatically...

Staying Abreast of Human Sexuality

There are 1.75 million animal species that have been noted and named by our scientific classification system. Of the...
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