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Silent Lucidity

There was a time that I could fly. I jutted my right fist into the air, and launched into the sky. My stomach droppe...

The Woman with a Limp

In the early 1940s, German secret police agents in Nazi-occupied France were on the lookout for a woman with a wooden...

The Skyhook

During the Cold War, the US and the Soviets had an ongoing game of tag taking place under the Arctic Ice Cap. Among...

Incident on Niihau Island

When the Empire of Nippon launched its massive attack on Pearl Harbor on the morning of 7 December 1941, Airman 1st C...

The Relics of Mu

It seems that most every culture has a legend of a great society, ripe with wealth and wisdom, which is lost to the s...

High-Rise Syndrome

As most people know, when a cat is able to see, it will usually land on its feet. It's a neat knack they've had to ev...

The Battle of Los Angeles

In early 1942 the United States was still reeling from the Attack on Pearl Harbor. They'd declared war upon the Empir...

Evolving Universes

To many it seems unlikely that a universe could spring into being from chaos, and achieve a level of organization adv...

Seizure Dogs

There are about fifty-million people worldwide who have epilepsy. Sometimes the condition is severe, but many lead mo...

Unbalanced Drive Shaft

They’re really just a simple casing with an unbalanced drive shaft and a motor, but for such an unassuming device, th...
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