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Being born at precisely midnight on the night of 9 July/morning of 10 July 1856 during a fierce lightning storm prove...

Radio’s Revenge!

In 1993, the USAF, US Navy, and the University of Alaska embarked on a joint project called High Frequency Active Aur...

Products of Pollution?

For decades we’ve heard of the plight of our environment. After years of chemicals toxins making their way to rivers,...

Guidestones into the Age of Reason

In northeast Georgia (USA), just off the Hartwell Highway there is a monument situated on a small rise. It is made o...

Number Stations

Short wave radio enthusiasts worldwide have heard of the strange and elusive Numbers Channels. It is a name that refe...

Spring Heeled Jack

Sometimes "Spring Heeled Jack" pops up in literature–sometimes as a villain, sometimes as a hero–perhaps even an earl...

Immune System Gone Bad

To most, allergies are merely a nuisance consisting of a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and general malaise, but there are...

Non-Surgical Surgical Strikes

Chemotherapy has been a necessary evil since the 1940's when it was first put into wide use. Usually delivered to an...

Any Officer Who Goes Into Action Without His Sword is Improperly Dressed

In 1940, some of the German commanders who were overseeing the push into France began to receive seemingly random rep...

Before the Big Bang

The Big Bang theory is a major marvel of science. It is a conclusion drawn from the collusion of several scientists’...
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