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Matt Castle is a writer and contributing editor for Damn Interesting, and not quite an anagram of 'Clam Taste'.

The Ancient Order of Bali

In 1970s Bali, a sudden rice crisis prompted an unexpectedly far-reaching scientific discovery

Chronicles of Charnia

When an ancient, unexpected imprint is discovered in a stone quarry, scientists endeavor to explain its mysterious origin.

Schumann Resonances

Three times a day, every day--roughly 9am, 2pm, and 8pm Coordinated Universal Time--an extremely low frequency electr...

The Curse of Konzo

In 1981, an international group of doctors identified the devastating disease behind a perplexing outbreak of paralysis in northern Mozambique.

Mind-warping Knowledge

Before London taxi drivers are allowed to convey paying customers in their renowned black cabs, they must be ‘of good...

Surface Tension

In 1953 a storm of extreme severity struck the North Sea coasts of Britain and the Netherlands, subjecting communities to a ferocious watery onslaught.

The Mole Rat Prophecies

The quirky biology of naked mole rats, and how their true nature was "predicted" before its eventual discovery.

The Power of Positive Lightning

When a glider abruptly explodes under clear blue sky, investigators suspect an unusual and powerful meteorological phenomenon.

The Unfortunate Sex Life of the Banana

How the banana's sweet taste and cheerful appearance obscure a potentially calamitous sexual inadequacy.

The Heroes of SARS

How humanity dodged the speeding bullet of the 2003 SARS epidemic, and the crucial role of a few key individuals.
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