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Three Thrown Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

An unlikely and unethical psychological experiment is undertaken at Michigan's Ypsilanti State Hospital in 1959.

Otokichi’s Long Trip Home

A 19th-century Japanese boat adrift in the North Pacific ends up in what is now Washington State. For one of the crewmen, that's just the beginning.

Andrée and the Aeronauts’ Voyage to the Top of the World

The story of three adventurers who tried to reach the North Pole via hydrogen balloon in 1897.

The Mole Rat Prophecies

The quirky biology of naked mole rats, and how their true nature was "predicted" before its eventual discovery.

The Spy Who Loved Nothing

The story of an American who was dead-set on spying for the KGB.

The Isle of Doctor Seaborg

On the hypothetical "Island of Stability" which might allow for long-lived atoms of never-before-seen elements.

The Arizona Dragonslayer

The story of one of America's lesser-known WW1 flying aces.

The Science of Mental Fitness

Intensive imagining can have measurable effects on the physical body.

Nineteen Seventy Three

Chile's audacious 1970s-era plan to network and automate the country's entire economy, hindered by political upheaval and CIA maneuvering.

Pushed to the Limit

The story of an unlikely and dangerous mid-air rescue during the Korean War.
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