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Nineteen Seventy Three

Chile's audacious 1970s-era plan to network and automate the country's entire economy, hindered by political upheaval and CIA maneuvering.

Pushed to the Limit

The story of an unlikely and dangerous mid-air rescue during the Korean War.

Night Takes Rook

The rise and fall of a life-saving lighthouse built on a scrap of rock by a determined yet under-qualified builder.

The Enlightenment Guide To Winning The Lottery

How two 18th century Frenchmen outsmarted the state lottery.

Better Call Sol

The history and science of coronal mass ejections, and their effects on humans and technology.

The Tyrant of Clipperton Island

A remote island colony abruptly falls into peril as the last remaining adult man becomes psychotic and undertakes a reign of terror.

Meddle, Metal, and Mettle

The story of the disturbed man who stalked and ultimately shot US president James Garfield.

Too Close for Comfort

Biological family members reunited relatively late in life sometimes have to contend with unexpected and powerful feelings of attraction.

The Power of Positive Lightning

When a glider abruptly explodes under clear blue sky, investigators suspect an unusual and powerful meteorological phenomenon.

Aches on a Plane

The story of a troubled FedEx flight engineer who boarded a flight unannounced and attempted to carry out a terrifying plan.
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