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I was called in for jury duty today (16 March), so there may not be many curated links. But this link will get you something good.

Quantum Imaging Doubles Microscope Resolution

Tiny American Mugshots of the Anti-Espionage Age

The Surprising Truth Behind a Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow

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The factory making spacecraft for new Moon missions

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Dinosaur had longest neck ever seen in an animal, scientists say

Milky Way stars found nearly halfway to Andromeda Galaxy

Hubble May Have Spotted a Supermassive Black Hole Breaking Free From Its Galaxy

Rutgers Scientists Identify Substance That May Have Sparked Life on Earth

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The mystery of Alice in Wonderland syndrome

Winners of the 2023 Sony World Photography Awards

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Experience a First Person Perspective Fall From the World’s Tallest Building

A Homemade Submarine Was Found Carrying 2 Tons of Cocaine and 2 Dead Bodies

1,000-Year-Old Gold Earrings and Silver Coins Unearthed in the Netherlands

A Man Is Suing the FBI Over D.B. Cooper’s Tie. The Result Could Solve the Case.

Bacteria genetically engineered to seek and destroy tumors