21 January 2020

In 1851, a Maryland Farmer Tried to Kidnap Free Blacks in Pennsylvania. He Wasn’t Expecting the Neighborhood to Fight Back

How to Turn Nuclear Waste Into Diamond Batteries

World’s Oldest Known Impact Crater Confirmed in Australia

America’s Radioactive Secret

The JFK Mistress Gunned Down in Cold Blood

Vital Hasson, the Jew who worked for the Nazis, hunted down refugees and tore apart families in WWII Greece

The Tiny Brain Cells That Connect Our Mental and Physical Health

Heir’s Battle With Alcor Life Extension Over Dad’s Frozen Head Keeps Getting Weirder

The next big leap for fake meat

Looking for answers in the circadian rhythm

How chloroform shaped the murder mystery

Amazon dreams of a drone-filled sky

How Science Fiction Imagined the 2020s

Buried for 50 years: Britain’s shameful role in the Biafran war

Is Venture Capital Worth the Risk?

On this day in 1900 “Liver-Eating Johnson” died

The martian radiation environment is a problem for human explorers that cannot be overstated

Mayfly numbers drop by half since 2012, threatening Midwestern food chain

Immune discovery ‘may treat all cancer’

A History of the Wolf

The Voyage to the End of Ice

20 January 2020

How Africa’s richest woman exploited family ties, shell companies and inside deals to build an empire

Chemists find fungal shrapnel in the air

The Night MLK Died, Washington, D.C. Burned

Dozens of non-oncology drugs can kill cancer cells

Why Didn’t the Allies Bomb Auschwitz?

Astronomers just got a deep peek at a black hole

Study finds that the popular rubber hand illusion could be used to treat OCD

Alex Haley’s 1965 Playboy Interview with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Relentless Absurdity”: An Army Photographer’s Censored Images

Crispus Attucks Needs No Introduction. Or Does He?

ESA finally solves its Huygens probe’s Titan landing mystery

How to Make Sense of an Undrowned Town

World’s 22 richest men wealthier than all the women in Africa, study finds

Golf ball-sized hail, a dust storm, two people struck by lightning — and that’s just 24 hours in Australia

Not a fake: Van Gogh self-portrait is his only work painted while suffering psychosis, experts say

Extremely detailed 9000×9000 pixel image of the moon created by merging thousands of photos

How Visine Eye Drops In The Mouth Can Kill, Here Are Two Cases

What if the Universe has no end?

Caneel Bay: Why a Caribbean Paradise Remains in Ruins

19 January 2020

In 1930s New York, the Mayor Took on the Mafia by Banning Artichokes

The Mysterious “Order of the Odd Fellows” that frankly, belongs in a Wes Anderson Movie

Living in Alan Turing’s Future

Your Blood Type Could Affect How Likely You Are to Get The Stomach Flu This Winter

The Leech’s Journey, From Welsh Lab to American Hospitals