Dizzying Video Shows What It’s Like to Get Shot Out of a Centrifuge at 1,000 MPH

A visit to the human factory

Physicists Show How Quantum Uncertainty Sharpens Measurements

Video: The Insane Engineering of the Javelin [15:11]

The secret world in the gaps between brain cells

The record-breaking dive under the Arctic ice

Scientists Discover Genetic Cause of Lupus, a Chronic Autoimmune Disease

On this day in 1988 a manufacturer of volatile chemicals in Nevada caught fire

That Time Reality TV made a Real-Life Lord of the Flies

Video: Victorian Ice Cream & The Queen of Ices [16:55]

Canada Now Willing to Punish Crimes Committed on the Moon

Understanding the Sand Shortage: Why We’re Running Out of Sand

Gallery: The Costs of the Russian Onslaught in Ukraine

Controversy Surrounds Effort to Signal Extraterrestrial Civilization

Watch a Grappler Bumper Instantly End a High-Speed Police Chase

Discover the Microscopic Wonders of Olympus’ 2021 Image of the Year Awards

Botnet that hid for 18 months boasted some of the coolest tradecraft ever

How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Is Stressing the Neon Supply Chain

Did Leonardo da Vinci Hide a Brain in His Famous ‘Lost’ Painting?

A perfumer’s obsessive quest to recreate the fragrance of lost love

The Bug in the Computer Bug Story

A ‘galaxy’ is unmasked as a pulsar — the brightest outside the Milky Way

How Taipei discovered an active volcano on its doorstep

The device hoping to answer the ultimate existential questions

Stanford’s Futuristic Gravity Telescope Could Image Exoplanets – 1,000x More Powerful Than Current Technology

The Most Overhyped Monster on Earth | Brain Eating Amoeba

Unlocking the Mystery of Why a Plant Virus Is So Powerful at Fighting Cancer

A single memory is stored across many connected brain regions

Rocket Lab catches, then drops booster in helicopter capture attempt

The photographer who fought the Sicilian Mafia for five decades

New article/episode by Alan Bellows: In 1924 a bankrupt businessman in Portugal launched an audacious international scheme to become one of the wealthiest men in the world

‘It was the poor man’s studio’: how Amiga computers reprogrammed modern music

Livestream: Rocket Lab will attempt to catch a falling rocket booster with a helicopter

Body in a Barrel: Lake Mead’s Receding Waters Reveal a Grisly Tomb

Trial finds insulin nasal spray may slow age-related cognitive decline

How “Talkies” Disrupted Movies for Deaf People

NASA Is Sending Artificial Female Bodies to the Moon to Study Radiation Risks

A Crime Beyond Belief: The story of a Harvard-trained lawyer convicted of committing bizarre home invasions

Alabama hunt for missing prison inmate and guard

Rare ‘Wicked’ bible that encourages adultery discovered in New Zealand

He Spurred a Revolution in Psychiatry. Then He ‘Disappeared.’

Study: Around age 13, kids’ brains shift from focusing on their mothers’ voices to favor new voices, driving teens to separate from their parents

‘My Daughter Is Trapped Under Five Feet of Snow’

The awake ape: Why people sleep less than their primate relatives

The universe could stop expanding ‘remarkably soon’, study suggests

‘This Chinese EV Sells At Just Over $5,000. So We Tried It’

Video: After 15,000 years, it’s waking up [17:08]

Russians plunder $5M farm vehicles from Ukraine — to find they’ve been remotely disabled

Saturn’s weird moon Titan looks a bit like Earth, and scientists might finally know why

Strange Galactic Signal Coming From the Center of the Galaxy Has Potential New Explanation

The Hollywood Madam Who Just Wanted to Sing

Researchers find Amazon uses Alexa voice data to target you with ads

Fracking Boom Turns Texas Into the Earthquake Capital of the U.S.

A margarine heir vowed to give away his $25M fortune in 1970. It didn’t go as planned

Rodney King’s Finest Hour

Study: They’re All Good Dogs, and It Has Nothing to Do With Their Breed

Russia Will Quit International Space Station Over Sanctions

Experience: ‘I bake recipes I find on gravestones’

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