27 March 2020

How to See the World’s Reflection From a Bag of Chips

Seismometers Worldwide Detect Decrease in Human Activity Amid Coronavirus Lockdowns

Earth’s own evolution used as guide to hunt exoplanets

Auschwitz: Women used different survival and sabotage strategies than men at Nazi death camp

Pompeii Mania in the Era of Romanticism

An Elite Spy Group Used 5 Zero-Days to Hack North Koreans

The Real History Behind ‘The Sound of Music’

Where water used to be

The Forgotten American Explorer Who Discovered Huge Parts of Antarctica

Life’s little oscillations

Purell: The Surprising—And Surprisingly Contentious—History of Hand Sanitizer

Why do we live in a three-dimensional world?

You can now listen to the latest episode of Damn Interesting Week: The Skymall of Ancient Greece

A new look at Voyager’s Uranus flyby reveals something unusual about the planet

Underground skyscrapers and off-grid bunkers: inside the world of preppers

Scientists identify microbe that could help degrade polyurethane-based plastics

26 March 2020

Gallery: The Visual Landscape of a World Shaped by Pandemic

Ancient lost continent has been discovered in Northern Canada

What really happened at the gunfight at the O.K. Corral?

World War II’s Strangest Bombing Mission

Inside the Story of How H-E-B Planned for the Pandemic

Will String Theory Finally Be Put to the Experimental Test?

The Moment the Myth of Alien Abduction Was Born

Babe Ruth Caught the 1918 Flu—Twice

This Powerful Ion Engine Will Be Flying on NASA’s DART Mission to Try and Redirect an Asteroid

The unlisted: how people without an address are stripped of their basic rights

NASA Is About to Grab an Asteroid Sample and Bring it Home

Living in limbo when a loved one is missing

Harry Houdini and the Art of Escape

The idea of ‘disposability’ is a new and noxious fiction

Billion-Year-Old Algae and Newer Genes Hint at Land Plants’ Origin

Why Would Anyone Want to Visit Chernobyl?

25 March 2020

Sex Worker Brides & the Rise of “Millionaires” in the Twisted Tale of a Forgotten Economic Crash

The real Nazi hunters: how the infamous escaped – and those who brought them to justice

How computational power—or its absence—shaped World War naval battles

What These Superconducting Space Rocks Tell Us About the Galaxy

Brazil gangs impose strict curfews to slow coronavirus spread

3D Printed Food Can Trick Diners Into Eating But Feeling Full

Scientists ‘Reset’ The Age of Stem Cells From a Supercentenarian Who Lived to 114

Coronavirus: ‘Avoid using microwave to get faster internet’

The Ecological Mystery of a Stink Bug Swarm Far Out to Sea

The Olympics’ turbulent history in times of global crisis

24 March 2020

Life on the Planet Mercury? ‘It’s Not Completely Nuts’

How a Few Sick Tobacco Plants Led Scientists to Unravel the Truth About Viruses

Astronomers have found the edge of the Milky Way at last