A wire recorder, a nifty analog recording technology predating tape recorders.
A wire recorder, a nifty analog recording technology predating tape recorders.

If you have a question, comment, or other noises you would like to make regarding our podcast, you are in the right place. If your comment or question stands out as exceptional we may air it and respond to it in a future episode. Questions are especially likely to be used.

There are several ways to transmit your sounds, as outlined below. For best results, go to the least echoey place possible and speak close to the microphone. A quiet spot outdoors works well if you have the option.

Record With Our Embedded Recorder

Many modern desktop browsers support in-browser audio recording. If your current browser supports this, you will see some instructions immediately below. It probably goes without saying that you will need a microphone built in or plugged in. We created this option for your convenience, but you may get better audio quality with other options (below).

Other Options

If the embedded recorder doesn’t work for you, or if you find it unsatisfactory, there are other ways to be heard. If you use one of these alternatives, please be sure to introduce yourself at the beginning of the recording and state (roughly) where you are from.

Smartphone/Tablet: Most newfangled smartphones and tablets come with a voice recorder or voice memos app (and if yours does not, there are free apps available to accomplish this). You can record your question/comment using such an app, and then use the Share option to email the resulting audio to podcast@damninteresting.com.

Desktop Computer: Alternatively you can use free desktop audio recording software such as Audacity to record your question/comment and email it to podcast@damninteresting.com.

Telephone: If all other audio transmission avenues are unappealing or unavailable, low-fidelity telephone is perfectly acceptable. Just dial 801.876.0892 and leave a voicemail in the mailbox.


If you send us an audio recording, you consent to its use in the podcast and on the website. We may edit your recording for length or sound quality, but we will not modify the meaning of your message. Sending a recording does not guarantee its use in the podcast. That phone number is not toll-free or anything fancy like that. Don’t drink unfiltered river water, there are amoebas and stuff in there.