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Foreign Exchange(s)

He made a name for himself organizing the world’s most important economic conference, only to have it tarnished by an outrageous accusation.

Starving for Answers

During WWII, 36 American conscientious objectors volunteered as subjects in a brutal science experiment to measure the body's response to starvation.

Ten Minutes in Lituya Bay

A remote bay in Alaska is home to an odd and occasionally catastrophic geology. In 1958, a handful of people experienced this firsthand.

The King’s Letters

The 15th-century scholar who upset the Korean aristocracy by creating a native script for the Korean language, and thus wean it off Chinese characters.

Mobilis In Mobili

A 1930s effort to reach the Earth's northernmost point via antiquated submarine.

Into the Bewilderness

Charles Waterton was a pioneer of conservation. He was also extremely nutty, in ways that suggest he may have over-identified with his animal subjects.

Colonels of Truth

The tumultuous true story of the life of a fast food icon.

89, 263, 201, 500, 337, 480

A set of three encrypted notes from the nineteenth century purportedly describe the location of hidden treasure in Virginia.

The Japanese Art of Self-Preservation

On the ancient Japanese Buddhist practice of self-mummification.

Faxes From the Far Side

The 1950s-era Soviet mission to first photograph the far side of the moon.
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